Friday, September 16, 2016

How weddings can turn you into a better person!

Image by Irish Coffee Studio - Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2016

Wedding days!

(me, as the rainbow fairy at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival capturing a wedding) 
You might be thinking to yourself... 

A wedding day in a couples' life is literally the most challenging AND rewarding day I'll ever work in my life.  (so far).  I have learned so many things about myself and the human race at a wedding day celebration.  In that respect, I feel I've also grown as a human being and became a better person because of it.  Let me break it down for you!

#1 - Weddings bring out more love than you imagine!  
I've seen weddings that have been overly dramatized because of turmoil, but most of the weddings I'm a part of are literally EXPLODING with love!  I have learned to loved deeper being around people that truly are there to support and love during the entire event.

#2 - Weddings bring out everyone's inner creativity!
I've noticed these days instead of following a cookie cutter list of things a couple should do, we are actually getting creative with expressing ourselves MORE!  I have seen endless hours put into DIY projects all for the love of the ideas & creativity the families & friends possess to make a day fun and decorative.  My favorite kinds of weddings are those that allow folks to dress in costume or a theme!  This allows everyone to express not only their LOVE, but their creativity!  It is seriously the best!

#3 - Weddings enhance TIME management skills!
If you have ever wondered what it is like being a wedding we know the times?  The schedules?  Sometimes yes and no!  I am now to the point of being able to better use my time with the couples as we plan out their day for the images they want.  It has made being a small business owner more thrilling because I've learned to manage time for things that are VERY important.  Have you ever talked to a wedding planner?  Ask them about TIME management!  It has made me far better of a planner and using my time better.

#4 - Weddings help us work in TEAMS!
I know going in I'm only ONE of handfuls of vendors there to serve the couples and the family on the big day!  In talking and reaching out to the other people working there - you learn better teamwork skills.  Communicating thoughts & ideas and then DOING them is a brilliant wedding day!

#5 - Weddings help you appreciate the life you have!
Every single time I capture a wedding I am thankful for my husband.  I remember how we met, how we courted and when we got married.  I get to re-live those moments during the days I'm shooting pictures.  I get to see how 2 people committed before their respected family and friends and have a bond of unity.  I go home a better person in gratitude than I ever could in being jealous for someone else's life.

Staying THANKFUL for who you are, what you do and the life you have is powerful.

I hope you enjoy these little bits today - I'm pretty obsessed about things I learn and grow with.

The next time you are at a wedding day, take a moment to look at the photographer differently.  You might just see something in yourself and in them that unites us all!

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