Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New conceptual work - using textures from our #deathofanoven

This last weekend we got our oooooold oven/stove/microwave replaced.  As we yanked it out and started tearing it down I noticed JUST how insanely dirty it was.  When the appliance is inside its comfy nook, you cannot see the GREASE DRIPS down the side!  I always knew - since we moved in there HAD to be grease somewhere there....because of our cabinets having some of it.

What i didn't know was just how fun these textures would be in my conceptual work!  
I took a variety of images to gather for future art....
the future...was TODAY!

Here is the back story.

As you can see - a vastly different age and color change here! :) 

I loved that old stove...I really did!  But we had pretty much used it til death.  

As we were dismantling the whole thing - the door was taken off...the microwave detached and all the pieces just lay in our driveway until moved to the front for pickup.  Here are some of the textures I grabbed!

It looks like a COMPLETE mess!!!!  I'm not sure who owned or rented the house before us - but there was soooo much grease. :)  We didn't even see how crazy it was in there until we moved it out! :) 

That all being said though, we really enjoyed this stove that was there in our home when we moved in.  We didn't even have to go buy one.  :)  It was a bonus being newly married and having one appliance already there.  

Here are two art pieces I made today using some of these textures!  
I look forward to creating more with you! 

What was YOUR last fun texture to work with?  Please share!


Pink Light Images

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Minneapolis wedding teasers!

I was quite overjoyed to work with kateryna as a bride this time instead of a model!  They brought me up from Texas to capture the entire wedding day full of Russian influences!  The entire ceremony was all in Russian as well as the reception with LOTS of yummy foods!  Here are some teasers!!!!