Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kew Gardens Wedding : Graham and Alexandra TEASERS

I have a lot to share recently....as you can tell! I had a whirlwind month doing community work and just came home from London.  Part of my experience...........................was this.

The day train trip to Paris, France - an opportunity well spent.

I had a vision of myself in Paris right before I went.  I had seen myself seeing the Eiffel Tower.  I have no idea why, but I wanted to see it.  I have seen Paris TX and I have seen the Paris Hotel in las vegas. I can now say i've seen Paris France.  Mind you, SEVEN HOURS was nowhere near enough of a taste, but I got enough to know I would like to go back.

I was able to walk past many sights....and my tour guides were more than willing to share things they loved about Paris and the endless museums (again...vast museum world!).  We sat for a few moments and had lunch in the park near the tower before getting in line to WALK, yes WALK the tower.

We walked past the Louvre...and I had always wanted to see it...I wished i had more time to just enjoy and watch and think....but it was kindof a hurried trip in the hopes of seeing a few things here and there.  We took the train a couple of times which was great.  You can actually sort of understand when they say the stops unlike NYC and sometimes London.  With their help navigating we were able to hop around with no problems whatsoever until our stop took us to the tower...and then up the gazillion steps to level 1 and level 2.

It felt like an eternity of steps going up.  We paid 5 euros to go up there and it was super because my guide had not been since he was 9 years old. He really enjoyed himself!  My legs were shaking by the time we got downward from the tower...and we found ourselves running over to the catacombs but they were closed by 4pm :(.  Our next venture took us to the La Basilique due Sacre Coeur de Montmartre!  (yes i had to look that up).  You can see it from Eiffel and he suggested that could be our next stop....

On the way....i was wondering about shopping for souvenirs...and was wondering about a lil store or something that would be open to grab some vintage stuff.  At first it seemed grim to find a place but on our way....we found a cute cute lil shop that had dolls/fun things in the window...and it turned out to be a cute lil nook place with vintage items and tins and dolls. :)  I ended up finding a super cute hat and having a blast trying to negotiate for it. LOL!!!!  He couldn't give me a price...so we opted to go to the Sacre Coeur and then come back. :)

BOY there was a lot of stairs going up............and we found another touristy area to see, even though we couldn't see the Eiffel tower from there. (shocking i know!)  There was a tree in the way, but it was very very lovely.  I always felt most of the times walking that i was going to fall because of all the un-evenness of the sidewalks. LOL!!!! Ahhhhh

We returned to the store...and voila! Got the price on the hat and we were done shopping. :)  Poor guys - i hopped into several stores but didn't find much in some of them.  But after the vintage store i stopped into the souvenir shop....it was my last chance to get something fun for the family/friends. :)  GOOD TIMES!!!!!

They dropped me back off at the train station...and good times were had, goodbyes said!
I'm truly thankful to Pel for hooking me up with wonderful guides all day. :)  SO THANKFUL!!!!!!

Here are some montages from paris................

and here is a video mash...........................


Montages from London.....an opportunity i did NOT let pass me by.....

I had an amazing opportunity to JUMP into a plane and fly off to London.  For more reasons that one I was super happy to experience a new city....and a new culture of people surrounding me.  I was pleasantly pleased really with the mish-mash of people I saw....and met a few....I was also swimming in a sea of tourists all over giving me that feeling all over again of my trip to New York City.  Driving on the left side of the road was beyond interesting...dare i say....it was fun to experience...both in a car and in a bus!!!!

I was smitten by the TUBE and all it has to offer...and to realize only later that it is spread out...but doesn't go everywhere.  There are a lot more bus stops to get you around too!  I never did get to see the night life because I was unsure of how to get back to Greenwich at the late hours (w/o a taxi) hehehe.  I had barely 2 days to see London with ONE of those days being a day trip to Paris.  I'm beyond greatful for the friends and supporters that believe in me and what I'm doing here on this earth.  I learned so much about myself...I learned that we are so much more alike than we give credit for.  We all want to be loved...and we all get up everyday to make something work to survive.  Some, just surviving - some truly doing what they love and having to get up and persevere.

I was BLOWN AWAY at the size of the cities....and more by the GINORMOUS museums and vast array of museums they have.  I found myself in some of the busy parts....and exploring some things my friends told me i should see. :)  I was happy to squeeze in as much as I could...and every day, my heart and feet came home happy and tired.  Again, thank you for believing in me.  I'm so thankful for these opportunities.  I'm so glad I reached out and took it.

For firsties, here are some glimpses into London....in some cases - I didn't take pictures....but I feel I brought home some fun stuff just for me. <3

and here is a little video montage as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  nothing too crazee, just some fun images....randomness....and things and stuff.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NEW YORK CITY montage images.....Thanks for all the support!

I just got back yesterday from the NYDC mission trip.  It is a fun outreach center with the SIMPLEST tagline.... 
"Find a need an fill it, Find a hurt and heal it".
At a lot of times in our lives we simply have NEEDS.  We will never stop having needs...we weren't meant to have it all together and perfect.  I think that is the beauty of being here!  We all have the ability to interact and help each other.  If only, just to give some encouragment too.  Remember that the next time you get a little frazzled about life....go help someone out....get out of your own world and step into another world to see your perspective change. :)

Here are the highlights.
the gorgeous view....of the plane ride in....snipped of 9/11 memorial and the staten island ferry.  Bunk Beds and Dream center stairs.

One of our big outreach days - adopt a block!

finishing the day with a walk around union square...and beginning the next tasks at Covenant House sorting clothes!

I was done early, so i stopped at my art show that is running til september...then onto the next day, dream center prep for the Harlem Homeless outreach. :)

quick break in central park for lunch...before heading back to Harlem to finish....

spent this evening with Just and walked around the west village and pier 45.  Ended up union square subway station listening to dance/dubstep.

Final day at the center...plus blue man nites and blue man friends.

Quick captures of the city and times square - also stopped at Hotel Edison, the first hotel i ever stayed in 1996 my first trip to the city ever.

Sights on the way to jersey to see family....blessed to know many wonderful people.  Ended my weekend at Lulu's.

Thank you AGAIN to everyone that supported me...the work we did was really fun...and I have some ideas about going up again soon to do some behind the scenes work w/ the center and help them do some daily tasks as needed.  I'll be cooking that up soon.  We'll see how this all goes!!! Meanwhile...please enjoy the small snippet pictures!!! It is QUITE a city!!!!

Much love to all my new yorkers.