Monday, September 29, 2014

WEDDING TEASERS!!!!!!! from Cape Cod!!!!

Had the MOST AMAZING time with my clients up in Cape Cod!!! It was a super amazing TWO DAY fun-filled event for friends/family. :)

I'm telling you....I had a lot of work to do, but I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!  I got my workout in for sure walking and sometimes fast-walking from place to place to place!  I eventually learned to not get lost. LOL hahahaahahahah :)

 I hope you enjoy just a SMALL PORTION of what is coming for their wedding day!!!!

Love Jen

Opening yourself up to your environment: BEACHES

I have had the pleasure of visiting some great waterways this year so far.  But in ONE WEEK I saw a diversity of water inlets and beaches that I was overwhelmed and still processing the beauty of our planet.  Every water inlet had its own look and feel.

Each town had a similar look though!  Very beach-housey and light colors that were very peaceful and accomodating to weary travelers.  Even more so, to an artist seeking silence, solace and views that inspire!!!!

The following pictures are my quick journey over one week.

Monument Beach, MA

Monument Beach, MA - at sunset with cloudy skies!!!

Sandwich MA

outside Providence RI

Mystic CT

Nubble Lighthouse - York Maine

York Maine

Winthrop Beach, MA

Winthrop Beach, MA

Winthrop Beach, MA

Where i just was - around Winthrop Beach. :)

Sandwich MA - surprise turtle!!!!

The tide lines on the sand.  Breathtaking - York Maine

I was amazing at these waves.  They were so different.  4-5 waves rolling at a time and a nice soft water rolling up on the sand to create ripple effects.  So beautiful.  I'm sorry I only stayed 20 minutes. :(
Nubble Lighthouse - rocks rocks rocks!!!! - York Maine

In traveling - when you make that choice to do see allllll kinds of things when you set yourself up for adventure. I had an AMAZING opportunity to see a few kinds of "beaches" when I was traveling up to Cape Cod, Boston, CT and Maine. Each of them very DIFFERENT. Even in Maine, one was fully sanded but also fully rocky. Our land is surrounded by water and there are a gazillions beaches, harbors and inlets.

There is a boundary you have to CROSS from land to sea. Where those waves come crashing (or gently strolling in like in Maine) - you have to accept in order to get into the water you will have to get WET. You can swim, get a boat or just stand on the shore. Your point of action determines your experience. The water can be UNSTABLE and knock you off balance - but at least you can swim in it. If you can't swim? LEARN.

I let myself experience them all. I walked up to the water and watched and sometimes I stood IN the water. I sat on the ROCKS for over 30 minutes just in awe of the textures and colors. Each beach had a different texture and look. And I like diversity so much so - that i was so glad to see our planet and our country and world have a unique look and feel to EACH location.

Intimate White Rock Lake Wedding teasers!

in between this busyness going on...since coming home from travel....
my Grandpa Charlie passed away just over a week ago.  I have been in a flux of so much emotion, creation, work and rest.  It has been hard to get right back into the groove.

But saturday...I went to filled up again and encouraged....
and finished out my September with a WONDERFUL wedding out at white rock lake.

I have some AMAZING images coming from my wedding in Cape Cod, but for now...I'm stopping just for a moment to show you the teasers from saturday!

I'm so greatful to all my clients. I love that they all have unique stories and a unique love.

Here are some teasers....and I will share the Cape images this week as well!!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

The clouded journey.

Have you ever been on a plane?

If not, WHY NOT?
If so, what is your favorite part?

I can share one of my favorite parts besides the takeoff.  That rush of speed throwing you back in the seat and actually the pressure giving you a massage as you are lifted up into the sky soaring over the landmasses below.

So I love looking at the varieties of CLOUDS that you can fly over.  This last week I was quite impressed with how many of the pictures came out as I was capturing these moments where your perspective is UNDOUBTEDLY changed.  The higher up you go - the smaller certain things become.  Have you noticed?

The final series from Boston and back had me in AWE.  The storm clouds were magnificent.  I couldn't keep up with our flight in those moments I was wanting to capture every formation.  It was a like a river that kept flowing for me to see and capture.  I was glued to my window without glancing away.  The moments as the sun was going down....the clouds turned into the SMOOTHEST river I had ever seen.  EVER.  

The following images are from my flights to Pennsylvania and back.

 The following images are from my flight to Boston and back. 
Literally, some of the MOST AMAZING CLOUDS i've seen....EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, your perspective changes when you are flying higher!!!!  Take a look out the window and see where you are.  See things for what they really are.  See the things that are TRULY important.  These clouds were such a great reminder to me of just how AWESOME this planet is.  The fact that we get to fly over it is kinda a blessing.  I love that my vision of this world has gotten bigger simply because I chose to fly over it...and see differently.

What has your flights taught you?
What inspiration have you cooked up while on a flight?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

the cape in the CAPE!!!!!

Thanks for reading up on this blog today.  I am visiting and working in Cape Cod this week...and here are some of my adventures so far!!!! <3

Yes, I went to WAHLBURGERS!!!!  (owned by the Wahlburg family -Paul,  NKOTB Donnie & his bro Mark)  

May you creatively SHINE!!!!

So yea it has come to this!!!  Some of you in more recent times may have seen me running around in a cape!  Well, everyone once in a while I like that feeling of flying and the cape gives me that sense when the wind picks it up...and it flaps around me like one ginormous WING!  I adore it.  I adore it so much I brought my cape to Cape Cod.
Here in Cape Cod...everywhere you look is lush trees and winding roads.  They seemingly show you NOTHING of water, yet when you stop somewhere and pierce through the boundaries you SEE the water.  Today's water was rolling in so fast.  There were white caps curling as folks were out on their boats today. 

Such is your creativity...without that wind of inspiration, your ideas & messages & causes won't fly!!!! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She wanders the darkness and light.

She wanders the path in darkness in light.  Her soft presence calms even the most disturbed creature of the night.  Her walk is swift and soft and her voice carries throughout the trees.  The path is set before her with lamps placed strategically so that each step finds some illumination.  Her laughter makes the frogs cry.  Her tears make raindrops and dew on the blades of grass.  Moving forward is her only option.  Embracing the uniform of her spirit and heart she glides towards the curve.  The mystery that awaits her gives a sense of anxiousness and peace all in one.  Finding moments like these are irreplaceable.

Model: Marsha Denlinger  Photography: Pink Light Images

This is a teaser story image from my time in Pennsylvania.  I really can't explain how I felt about this trip and the adventures that we took.  I found the most amazing spot that NO ONE had ever heard of!  I was so happy to find this.  I could have created here for days.  I now have to go back.

Thanks Marsha and Thanks Diane.
You are truly artists.

and dream makers.

Do you find yourself losing time to dream?  Has life choked out your creativity?  Are you BORED with being BORED???????????????