Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great weddingssssss! Great memories. - Mary + Chris

This is my final WEDDING in the month of August.  It has been an amazing adventure into this world that we call SUMMER.  It is like another unpredictable dimension where brides & grooms are unsure of what will happen in the summer time weather-wise. :)  This wedding was no exception to unpredictability!!  To air conditioning mal-functions and a super super bright ball of light beaming into my eyes as I was shooting the ceremony.  I've known and loved this family for many years and one thing I know they can all do is have FUN in adversity. :)  The wedding turned out beautiful, fun and I found that a lot of us were seeking refuge as near to the AC as we could!!! :)  I had a great time both as a friend and a photographer working.  I absolutely adore them and adore their HAPPINESS!!!!!  Wishing them all the best in all the future....

Much love!!!! Jen

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I had SUCH an amazing time today at the INSPIRATION lunch!!!
I really got inspired by the ladies attending today...and how we all see things so differently and are inspired by each others' inspirations. :)  I really am passionate about making connections all over to ignite as much creativity as possible!!!!

Thanks to my attendees - and even the folks IN the restaurant were asking us what was going on hahah!!!!! I loved it.  thank you!!!!!

October 3-5th, Ladonia TX - 2 nite stay included in a lovely house on a farm.   Lots of inspiration!
November 7-9th, DFW area - 2 nite stay in a local space in DFW that will truly inspire rest/creativity!
January 23-25th, DFW area - 2 ntie stay in a local space to beat the winter "blues" with inspiration!

All detailed information on the retreats are emailed to you after you sign up.  (locations/directions)

Meanwhile, enjoy, inspire and CREATE!!!! weee!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

more NYC teasers...................

i'm attempting to follow through with one of MANY projects......

One being our trip to New York City in June.

Photgraphy: Pink Light Images

Another DREAM realized!!!!!

I have been making art for years and years and years...probably dating all the way back to Kindergarten when my teacher said i was "very creative, but messy".  I do love the creative process. It can get really messy really fast and ideas can either come quickly or sometimes you have to SEARCH for them.

For years, I wanted to put my images on shirts.  Maybe it is that inner-fashionista but I like the idea of wearable art.  When I signed up on See.Me to get my artwork out into the world I had never opted to try their t-shirt art until now!   I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and it came today.  I had almost forgotten I ordered it!  I knew it would look really great and professional because it is not silk-screened or an iron-on like I've done in the past .:)  It looks like i'm literally wearing the art I made. ahhh!!!!!!!

So the backstory on this image can be seen HERE.

But the meaning of it all was so special today...because I'm centering around PEACE and letting everything else fall to the wayside.  This week is about embracing the creativity I find in peace and not chaos.  I will find it however I can...but this week I'm pretty chill!!!

Check it out!

To order yours:  CLICK HERE
You can choose from any art pieces I have online to make one for yourself.  I think I will be adding more images just for the sole purpose of ordering some wearable art!!! <3 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

CREATIVE retreats: even SUPERMAN needed one!!!!

even superman had a retreat space.

girls? DO YOU NEED TO RETREAT??????????
because I can guarantee you this crazee world, this "busyness" is getting to you...and you haven't stopped long enough to really think about YOU for a while.

The great things about a retreat:
-finding your passions & dreams
-being around like-minded creatives.
-being able to see what you have not seen.
-create things u may have never thought you could.
-learn more about your inner-superhero.
-pay attention to the SMALL details.
-learn to hear. (both within and around)
-learn to LISTEN.
the list goes on and on....but in the creative retreats - we go on a journey of a "fortress of solitude" environment - to where you can learn, grow, be inspired and do creative things. It truly will make a mark in your life.


I will answer as many and all questions that i can - so just reach out and lady friends? Please SHARE specifically with 1 or 2 women u know really need this Here to help and here to inspire. The ball is in your court!

More about the "fortress of solitude"

The Fortress of Solitude is the place of solace and occasional headquarters for Superman in DC Comics.

Light in a dark dark place.

I've been thinking a lot about the world!!!!!
And I've been thinking about soooo many dark things that happen....
and yet, I find beauty and peace in knowing that I (and you) can make a difference with positivity, light, laughter and love.  Love is a powerful factor that we can overlook sometimes.  When something is happening and we don't understand....when the world feels out of control...and we hurt for the HURTING....

Find the light inside you and bring your brilliance to the world...
even if you have a small shimmer - that light against the DARKNESS is so can't be denied.

Take heart knowing you aren't alone.  There are other lights out there....igniting other lights....igniting other lights....igniting other lights. 

Slow down.
See you.
See them.
See the world.

Then create out of this madness.
Create out of this love.
Create out of these things that drive you...that startle you...that hurt you...

The worst thing you can do is put away your feelings into the darkness of your heart.
Let them out into the light...see them for what they are....

and BE.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Gamez wedding teaser!!!!!

What a GREAT day we had. 
Seriously....the forecast was 103 degrees...and then it turned to cool, windy and STORMS!!!!
We were being rained on pre-ceremony...walking all the way into the park. 

But i have to tell was a lovely ceremony....a lovely couple...and we had a blast capturing it for them!!!!!  I have much more to share - but all in good time!!!! So, herez some teasers :)

Congrats Yuri & Joel!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy almost wedding day!!!! YIPPEE!!!

I've been totally excited & blessed this month with amazing clients. :)  I take every wedding as if it is its OWN story...and each couple has different desires for their art and photography.  These 2 are soooo super cute and in love - despite the 100 degree heat, we WILL have an amazing time full of love...matter of fact, I figure their LOVE is sooo HOTT...that the earth is just reflecting their love HAHAH!!! :) I love it. 

Thanks for letting me be your photographer! Until tomorrow!!!!

Herez teasers from their engagements!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams : O Captain my Captain!

As i re-watch an instrumental movie clip from Dead Poet's Society....i really can't help but want to stand on my chair...and simply say "O Captain my Captain"....he was a brilliant comic, great smile...i had just watched at least 2 of his movies in this last week...and overall lived a full life. He made us laugh, he made WILL HUNTING cry.... Robin, o captain my shined brightly. Thank you for doing so for as long as you could on this earth. Missed, but not forgotten.

I feel my heart caving in as I feel the overwhelming sadness sweeping.

#ocaptainmycaptain #robinwilliams #funnyman #brilliant #madeusalllaugh #goodbye #missedalready #neverforget #legacy

"o captain my captain"

everytime i re-watch the heart THROBS with sadness.
but yet i have this DEEP HONOR for him...and having to say goodbye. I don't like goodbyes. At least, not that way. I can't be mad...i can only rejoice in the legacy left behind that every time i see his face - he'll still be here. That is the thing about movies/entertainment.

But let me ask u this - what about the ppl that you see everyday?
Who shares the laughter with you? Who gives encouragement? Why do we need to be dead or dying to receive kind words & empowerment? I'm a perfectly healthy girl who needs encouragement every day in some way - or those dark clouds come over to my house too. There is an enviroment we live in here on this planet - and sometimes it is a dark one. Find the light and you find your way out - every time.

Ask for help.
Before you make a decision about anything - write 10 things you can be thankful for and meditate on those things and what really matter.

I don't need to be dead or dying to know that love matters.
You matter.


Wedding teaser!!!!

what a GREAT WEEKEND we had at Winfrey Point! :)

I had a hard time stopping myself from not editing tons and tons.....

so I have one teaser for the blog!!!! :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

It is almost wedding day!!!

For Alejandra & Jon....
TOMORROW is their wedding day!!!!

Say it with me....AWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Super cute couple and we did their engagements back in March when the weather was NOT summer.  We really really enjoyed the time down in downtown dallas and ended up in a few architectural spaces out and about.  I'm sooo looking forward to their wedding tomorrow! Should be a gorgeous day with a gorgeous celebration!!!!

I leave you with some more of their engagement session from March...


Look for wedding teasers!!!! Coming soon!!! Yippppeeeee!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Create.Now. - August 1 2014

I decided before I sign off for the day..........I wanted to play with a new landscape. 

I am enjoying the exploration of dark/grit.

These are images of mass prop-age.  I have ideas to use "props" as part of the scenery.  Some are wayyyyy more subtle than others...but you get the idea. 

I found myself in my home thinking - what would make a good prop/landscape? 

Well, I found something....

More to come later on this.

But first, STARE AT IT.