Monday, December 16, 2013

Some fun-tastic images from the wedding featured on TLC : "Say Yes to the Cure" - aired in October 2013.

There are so many words to describe their relationship - but most of all - their love is contagious.  If you watched the episode spinoff from "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta"...."SAY YES TO THE CURE" see Lori's struggle in the special episode on her PLUS a catch-up on Delese and her fight with cancer.

I took this opportunity with every bit of heart that I would take any other job.  A woman who has battled forms of cancer for most of her adult life and had a simple dream..... celebrate with her entire family there and have her kids and grandkids be a part of this ceremony.  After weeks of prep - we made it all happen - and she brought me in to to do the photography.  I'm overall super happy I got to share in this story.  I believe in DIVINE appointments and nowhere in this place did i "deserve" it, but God presented it to me and I took it.  SHE was a divine appointment and THIS was a divine appointment to receive.  Let's run with 2014 despite ALL fears. <3 

I hope you enjoy them as much as me <3
Here are some of the still images I was able to capture amidst the party and celebration.

LINKS:  Short video of Delese getting "jacked up".  
TLC BLOG:  Teaser image of the show!

Take care.......

The lovely couple at the end of the night.

Their moments after the I do's and re-commitments. 
Venue: Celebration Plano

Their darling cake!!!!!

Their private dance.....

Lori surprised her by popping into the venue to "jack her up" !!!!
Her father making sure they say the words and put the rings on!!!

The unity ceremony.
Venue: Celebration Plano

One of Delese's biggest dreams was for all her family to participate and be a part of this wedding day.  And, it was so!

After Lori "jacked her up" - her father saw her.
Delese's bling, Bouquet from "All But Flowers" and her son walking her down the aisle.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

PUBLISHED!!!!!! in the new magazine... - L'art D'Obscurite - Chicago IL

This is a quick series that Destiny and I did back earlier this year out at the spaceship.  We made some fun art together and took it a tad to the dark side.  The graffiti on the inside seemed semi-depressing really.  Some of the positions we chose to put ourselves in made it seem *hopeless* or worthless.  Sometimes the darkness is all we can see until we see the light or BE the light.  Thanks again to DESTINY for her hard work and ideas.   You can check out her modeling page here:  Destiny Lenora

enjoy the series tear sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L'art D'Obscurite - Chicago IL  - buy/see your copy HERE

The magazine cover....super excited!!!!