Monday, April 29, 2013

Huzzah for the REN FAIRE!!!!!

I had the pleasure of working with 2 very awesome couples last saturday!!!!
I hope to share more with you soon - but for now...herez a few teasersssss!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

BUSY PINK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so i promise some teasers really soon from both Ren Faire weddings...PLUS..............i spent some time in St. Louis at an extremely amazing photography experience.  It has helped to solidify some things well as making lots of new friends and fellow creators. :)  I do love finding and trying new things!  I can't wait to share...............

have a super week you guys - be looking for an OVERLOAD of fun posts!!!!!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Post-Bridal-Show : Pre-Ren-Faire!

I completed my LAST spring show for 2013 and it was a challenging one, but yet a very rewarding one!! I had a great great time setting up and tearing down the booth plus hanging out with 2 great ladies that helped me IMMENSELY.  I can't thank them enough for the help.  I had put so much energy into my prep and thoughts and gifts...and things....I even had my husband help me with a VERY last minute project to dress up my computer screen.  I'm just amazingly thankful for those that are supporting me....I am very very very thankful.  Did i say thankful enough? LOL!!!!

So this quickie blog is about those moments that you least expect...I'm at the bridal show and I see vendors I well as people from the metroplex....and people I have worked with in the past...It was such a pleasure to see faces again after so long. :)

If you are interested in booking a wedding consult with me, please do so at

otherwise, here is the VLOG!!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

It is the YELLOW donut phone!!!!

yes folks, it has finally fallen into my arms!!!!

I grew up with this kind of phone...I have many fond memories of the giant cord phones with push buttons and rotary dials. ;)  We even had one with a chalkboard.  It was fun to be so technicolor. :)  I remember our house in rural Oklahoma was APPLE GREEN - it is hard not to be flashy in color when my mom and grandma are super flashy and creative themselves.  I appreciate that!!!

Anyways - after waiting about 2 years...I finally just threw my hands up and made this mini-dream happen this week.  The guy had posted it on ebay and it looked so amazing and pristine in condition.  I had to jump on it and get it done.

Here is my little "vlog" about it....

I hope you enjoy it as much as me!
It is the LITTLE things!

What are the LITTLE THINGS from your childhood you remember?
It could be anything!! A doll? A phone? A record - and in some cases...maybe certain clothing you were fond of.  :)  Maybe it was just memories in your mind....

Don't ever forget to celebrate some things in your were created special....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vlog 17 - decompression, purpose and creative times.

I know when we put ourselves out there we will be consistently misunderstood or understood.  The purpose of a lot of these videos are to share a little more about me, my life and the creative adventures I put myself on.  I believe we should always be striving to just BE and striving to learn and grow beyond the limits.  I also know that some days are a stand-still of seeming boredom or lifelessness.  When we are disconnected from above and below...we have waves of things that happen every day.

The message that gave me freedom was called "The Terror of Knowing God"....where a lot of children were together playing the game "Giants Wizards and Dwarves"....and when the little 5 year old said "I want to be a mermaid" was the most free-ing thing I ever heard in my lifetime to realize God has a specific assigmment and plan for me.  I think the title sounds really scary and yet at the same time...I got the clearest vision beyond "religion" and those rules or regulations you put on yourself.

So far in my life....I've had more peace...more fulfillment...and more dreams becoming I've followed this "MERMAID" plan.  I'm just sharing where I'm at, where I've been...and where I'm going.

So this is just me, just real and just random.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013



#1 - I'll be SAINT LOUIS - April 21-26, if anyone wants to grab a photo shoot with me - i'll be in town there. I will have limited time, but if you are interested, please ask!

#2 - I'll be in BROOKLYN NY, at the Slapback Brooklyn location on Saturday May 4th, 2pm. Again, if you want images created or made that day - I'll be there with camera in hand! Would love to creat with you!

#3 - The last weekend in June, I'll be in GREEN BAY Wisconsin teaching a workshop! If you are local or know friends nearby to ANY of these places - please get them in contact with me. I love love love love creating ART for you! ♥

have a SUPER day!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ya wanna send me to NYC? I can crash Kenley Collins' launch party!!!!

Yes yes yes! You remember her!!!! I crashed her birthday party in February during fashion was amazing to hang out if only for a few hours...and say hi and just BE!  There is something I appreciate about this passionate woman - I think simply put, it is her passion. :)  She doesn't ever give up and she is just up there with some of the designers I enjoy! :)

She is having her PINK LADY launch party on May 4th....
and i'm dreaming BIG to go.................

Whatcha think? Are you a GREASE fan??? A movie buff  like me?
I've been pink-haired for a while now...and I find it refreshing to be celebrated, if only indirectly through creativity of fashion and of people. :)

Herez the party flyer!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Where have I been????

In a few words....I've been CELEBRATING and resting.
My husband and I take ONE time a year to truly get away....celebrate...and relax.  We really unplug from all outlets...and rest and have fun.  We are celebrating 8 years of marriage this week.

Wanted to share a few things I saw in Playa Del Carmen....there were a few feasty things to enjoy...such as downtown....which in the beginning of this video was an unexpected TREAT!  I loved the statue and the music as we walked up. :)

I took snippets of the ELEMENTALS show from the Royal...because I was told that show had the FIRE in many many other things you can see.  I am still mulling over the "story telling" they were trying to do in all these various acts, costuming and more.  I really really really ENJOY the fire dancing. :)  I need more of that.

I really took in moments to relax and not go overboard on documenting every single detail of it all.  But in this short video you can see a few things I saw.  Blue skies....ocean waves....and for some reason I didn't have enough I smacked my leg in the cold plunge at the spa room!!! HAHAH. 

The 2nd time i used the spa area....I did the cold plunge TWICE...have you ever done that??? is wild.  You walk into it ....60 degree water....(ish)....then there are 2 hot choose from...some of the girls in there were trying to get their friend to go in...and she wouldn't do it - so I walked in AGAIN just to show big deal!!! (as i'm squealing cause it is cooooooooooooooold!!!)

Anyways..........I also stopped in to Big Al Mack's little beach bar around 5th Ave playa.  It was cool to see a piece of Kidd Kraddick in the morning down there...and took a picture outside of it...<3 :)  Good times....and hope you are taking some sweet time with YOUR sweeties to celebrate....we just celebrated EIGHT YEARS!!!! WOOT!!!!  I love you baby!!!!