Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Engagements | Downtown Dallas Skyline | December 2015

Yay! I can finally share the engagements!  They were keeping it a secret until they told everyone! Yippee!!! I've known Kateryna since she was a young girl and now she is all grown up! Congrats you two!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Promoting Passion Convention Part 2 - Bathroom Art

Promoting Passion Convention Day 2

I don't know.  There is a trend happening in my creative life for a couple of years now!  I end up making some very fun and very amazing images in various bathrooms. :)  Be it in stalls, walls or whatever!  Here we enter day 2 of the convention where the classes had a range of topics and things.

I remember showing up for the photo adventure I think, but don't have any evidence that I was there. :)  I think I was there mostly to watch and soak everything in.  I'm ok with just soaking.  Not everything had to be documented for me to enjoy myself.  I think I documented more the FIRST day than the second day.

The notes I took from day 2 go like this:

From Jennifer Thoreson:
Apple - people get the story right away.
Onion - there are layers, people stare longer and try to understand.

(rough notes)

Mitch and Shalem's "Love is Love:
I was soaking in the consults with the couples...because it was good to have a detailed question and answer open for discussion moment!  "Be true to the purpose".

Ok, so now back to the bathroom!!!!
After most of the classes and lectured ended - I grabbed Marsha and ended up in the bathroom where everyone was earlier in the convention photographing.
I looked at what Marsha had brought and decided on the white gown first.  It felt a bit modern with the lighting going on in the back wall area!

 As if Marsha wasn't already gorgeous enough - her hair was just addictively AWESOME!  And the dress itself was gloriously angelic almost. :)

Course, Marsha knows me a bit by now she brought weird goggly things for me to play with!  I thought it was so neato with a super mod feeling.  I loved the blue lips, the crazy hair and the bug eyes.

It was quite a few moments here...where we had some visitors....

and finally...ending that part of our session with a little running around!

 While i took a break and waited for the panel session or somewhere in between... I convinced Amani to become Sia-like behind the fabric on the stage.  Just another weird flash vision that came to me during the convention!

 And as things came to a close...Marsha and I re-convened with some more ideas...and some I still haven't put together as of yet!  But I just have flow that happens.  Not everything has a story for me right away.  I just play with images and ideas until something finally HITS me! :)
Here are some of our weird things including other attendees of the convention!

But then, I forgot to mention that by this time..MeRa had made it to the mountain!  I was able to grab her for a few minutes before the final evening adventures.  Below here Brooke is setting up to capture her in some way of which I have no idea what the story was - I just knew it involved water, hair and a pane of glass. :)  

What a joy to see both Brooke and MeRa all in one place.  I adore those two women.  Both have been people I've looked at for examples of communication, story-telling and BIG HEARTS!!!! <3

 I ended my night with a creepy mask and working with Sally and her daughter Marsha.  We had a great time and just played.