Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Thinking : "Success"

Thought of the day.

Make your OWN definition of success.  

Our society places definitions on all parts of life...especially success.  But what if I were to say that what is important to "culture" as success isn't the same as what YOU believe to be successful.  

Turn your brain on tonite or in the morning...and think about what success means to you.

Now ask yourself?  Are you successful?  Why or why not.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Wanderings : "inside your brain"

I was going to take a walk today.  You know, actually WANDER outside and see what is going on.  I just never made it out there.  My desire faded away into thoughts of things of the mind and how we let thoughts come in and make a little home.  My wandering today happened til 6am this morning and then I finally went to sleep.  

I realize that I'm always trying to learn how to communicate.  Above all, I want to reciprocate love in the form of actions and words.  I got a little lost last nite and shut down.  I've been re-booting all day to bring my wandering mind back to the reality of change that is here in front of me.

I want to communicate love and passion better.  I want to learn how to take criticism even when very harsh and mean.  I immediately get emotional and take things personal when I am verbally criticized.  I haven't figured my way out of that instant stab in the heart.  I cannot control it.  I know I have the choice to take a lasting offense or not though.  I can choose forgiveness for myself and the other party involved.

So forgive. and forgive OFTEN.   
open up to JOY and Happiness!

This is inside my brain.
(literally) this is my brain scan.

my brain scan

Wednesday Wanderings:
-where did you walk today?
-where did your mind take you? 
-how did you feel when you came BACK???
-write a poem about today's adventure - be it reality or in your mind.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday TipTricks! "Bathmat Beauty!!!"

In today's blog I'm going to share a tip or trick that I've used in the past either in creations or designing things!!!  I ideally would LOVE to keep things simple, but I have also found in life when striving for difference I make things HARDER! ahahah!!!! But all in all - I will share things that have inspired me or pushed me to be creative in new ways!!!

So, here is your tuesday trick or tip! <3
Maybe you have already used this tip or me????!!! How would you use it for yourself???

Ok! So tip & trick #1!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I traveled to St Louis I brought a prop that I had used several times already.  I think what is important is that when you have an idea...sometimes you have to let it play out and TRY a few times before you might be satisfied with the final product.  

This prop came from my lovely friend Becky who stopped and grabbed it because it stood out to her and inspired her.  When she brought it to my house....I AGREED!!!!!  This prop, is a BATHMAT. :)  A plastic, flexible, see-through, "rock like" BATH MAT!

I tried several different ways to use this during this particular shoot.  I was pretty determined to make something out of it and be completely different than the last shoot.

Before, having help from Melodie & Lisa - they helped hold up the bathmat - as the light is hitting it! (raw image)
I did face touch-ups and added another quick small layer of bathmat to cover the other things.
Model: Mikaela Carson
This right now, is me trying things out.  I basically wanted to cover her face completely and see how i felt about it.  You know? Sometimes you see something in your mind and it doesn't play out as much OR maybe it does.
Model: Mikaela Carson
Model: Marsha Denlinger - "the bathmat corset" - I did really really love how the bathmat made a great corset - I just still have a lot of art to make from that session!  It was unique, different and gave me great new ideas!

The mat took on a lighting that I had not seen almost glowed blue-ish purple.  Super fun!!!!!

Take a wild prop that you are inspired by....and make something AMAZING!!!!!!

Show the world, tell the world, and inspire others!!!!!

Signing off for your Tuesday TipTrick....

Love Jen

Tuesday TipTricks!
-find a prop that inspires you!!!
-use it as least THREE ways in your creation time.
-post the results, think about the results and your story
-what has been your favorite object to use???

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday MADNESS!!!!! - "listen to the universe!"

This is Monday madness.

Welcome to a new week!!!!  I have really been having a busy weekend, but found some cool things that popped up somewhere on the interwebs and took me on an intriguing short journey.

"All this electromagnetic phenomenons can be transformed into electric signals, which can in turn be amplified and used to excite the membrane of a loud speaker ; thus making audible to the human ear the rustling of the cosmos.  All these sounds were recorded while Voyager 2 was passing at 110 000 km of Saturn's system, and assembled without manipulation.  Extract from "Symphonies of the Planets vol.5 - Saturn's rings", Nasa Voyager Recordings, Brain/Mind Research, 1990. "

I found these sounds of the univerrrrrrrrrse online.  I was intrigued as I pushed play and turned it up loud on my computer speakers.  I immediately found myself feeling like a miniscule part of a vastly large solar system and universe out there.  I imagined myself in a spaceship humming my way through the depths of space seeing new things, colors and finding adventures.  I have already decided - this will be amazing homework to work through.  Getting inspired by the SOUNDS out there in space.

To learn more about it - just google!  I've only just found a handful of videos, but am so intrigued!  I love knowing there are far GREATER things out there than just lil ol me. :)

for your Monday Madness:
-what has inspired you this weekend?
-when was the last time you created to music or sound?
-what is your favorite planet?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fantasy : "The world we make!"

I am consistently making new worlds.  It sometimes comes like a second nature when I'm playing with lights or abstract items.  When I am allowing myself to play for a while I end up in space.  My own outer space!  

When I dream, my mind does go to other places.  It goes beyond the real and into the fantasy.  I'm inspired by movies that take us to new worlds and new solar systems.  I like seeing how stars fly past the screen when one hits the hyperdrive button!   I don't even mind the worlds they create UNDERWATER which still gives you a spacey-otherworldly-feeling.

The world we make in our Friday Fantasy is about spherical objects!   Around the house I'm sure you have a gazillion things in the form of a sphere.  Have you ever thought about making that object a part of your world?  In this image below I have a combination of some images THROUGH a lens that gave me a circle.  (circle, sphere, you get the idea)  I LOVE how the top left reminds me of the moon, the far right reminds me of headlights or a star.  My face feels like a porthole from my spaceship.  I'm just watching things as they fly by and I'm living in my little spherical world floating in space. 

"The world we make" by Pink Light Images

"Sphere" the movie.
On point with the world I'm creating, I'm inspired by movies that use objects in unique ways too.  Especially spacey-alienesque movies.  In June 2014 I bought "Sphere".  I watched it all the way through and THEN I watched it AGAIN listening to the commentary.  I realized then and there the WORLD they created had a LOT more layers that at first glance. Even if you HATED the movie, watch the commentary!   It was so neat to hear about how the world they created went from an idea to a full world.  There was a whole section on just the SPHERE alone!  I recommend it, it is a great watch!  

Movie Still from "Sphere"
Your Friday Fantasy homework: 
-What around your house can become a part of your "world" in your creations.
-Are you seeing more SPHERES now that we've talked about it? 
-What scene can you create inspired by a SPHERE starting from the idea all the way to reality?
-Share your creations with us!  Your art is your voice!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thinking...."Diversity"

Today is Thursday THINKING!  

I have been thinking about diversity! 

We live in a huge world of diverse people, yet we are all human.

We have inside of us a very diverse group of inner-workings and physical being but we are all held together by our shell.

We have a genetic past and an emotional past! 

I have been thinking about the parts of us that are DIVERSE that make us up as an emotional being.  Our emotional pasts leak into our present and can affect our future.  The pieces of us that have not been addressed and go overlooked can sometimes be the factors that keep us from living a healthy emotional life. 

In some ways I think part of “growing up” is facing that fact that you are a diverse being and you have to learn to embrace ALL of yourself.  There is the you NOW and there is the you that you CAN be.  J  The intricate details of your life have been woven together to create who you are deep inside. 

Now, the kicker question.  DO YOU KNOW YOU? 

In order to relate better to those around us, sometimes it is better to learn to KNOW yourself.  Only you can truly understand YOU in some cases.  YOU learn how to deal with the diversities of YOU so that you can jump out into the world and sing with your voice loud and in clarity.  When we look into the mirror we can see the picture of what we want to be, but in reality we might only see a scribble on a paper.  That beautiful canvas of YOU is just waiting to be discovered and tapped into.  Embrace your times of despair and sadness, but don’t live in them.  Embrace your moments of joy and creativity, but don’t just live there either.  The WHOLE of who we are empowers us to use our voice, to LIVE our lives, to BE a human being on the planet. 

Without broken-ness you would not understand whole-ness.

Without fear you would not understand peace.

Without sight you would not understand SEEING. 

Embrace ALL of you.

Be the better you by KNOWING you better. 

[dih-vur-si-tee, dahy-]

1. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness: - diverse:  of various kinds or forms; multiform.

variety; multiformity.

a point of difference.

For your Thursday Thinking: 

-Think about where you are now and where you want to be. 

-What are some small things you can start doing to KNOW yourself better? 

-How is your HEART doing?  (open for receiving, or closed off behind walls) 

-Complete the art below in your own “paint/draw by numbers” style – each piece of you is important to the WHOLE of you. Pick different colors, textures - be it digital or print it out and DRAW ON IT.  :)  Embrace your diversity.

After you finish, please post it up in your home - post it online and share.  Share it with me! I would love to see your results!!! <3  Sign it, and make it your own!

Here is one I put together for myself today!!! :) 

I did mine digitally! But pull out your pencils and paints!  Let's create!

Sign up now for "ARISE" Creative Retreats 2015

Have a wonderful thursday.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When bubble wrap comes in the mail!

Normally I have not been inspired by bubble wrap....

People do things with it...u know, make DRESSES....make unconventional items...but itz really just used for packing items so they don't break or break themselves and all that.

Here lately I've been really inspired by these BUBBLE WRAPS coming in....I really was kinda impressed by some of these packaging designs and looks!  I have started making some art of these things...and letting myself just create a look or feel BASED on this bubble wrap.  I like seeing what lighting and textures can do just by using something I would not normally see. 

And so is some ART I made............................

And last nite, I explored the GREEN bubble wrap with myself in self portraits.
These self portraits are actually in the simplistic stage.  The only thing I did on the top picture was adjust coloring and "fill" the sides where the bubble wrap stopped.  The black and white was was just cropped and used a preset in Lightroom to get a look that I wanted!  I loved using this mirror in my bathroom to create some weirdness and yet *proppyness* of the wrap.

The only wrap I haven't explored yet is that last one there.  The one that is a slightly compact, NON drape version of its cousins.  :)

What item has inspired you this week?
What have you CREATED from it???

Love Jen

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"beauty's moment"

I was in a restful state today.  Even though it seems that I don't ever "simmer down" to be still.  I had some good quality quiet time combined with a couple of movies...and THEN a quick trip down to a venue to scout for a wedding coming in March.

Sometimes, I create when I see the waves and motions of other creators.  I ask myself WHY NOT CREATE right now in this moment?  It only takes a few minutes sometimes.  I've been pretty occupied with wedding bliss and all of my clientele that I had not made anything for a few days!

So I stopped to re-visit my moments inside the abandoned theater.  I stopped to be thankful we even got to go inside.  I'm thankful we had flashlights.  I'm thankful I had a model that was willing and eager to be creative and create along with me!  I'm thankful we had eyes to see things maybe we would not have normally seen when walking into darkness. :)

I give you "beauty's moment"

beauty's moment - Model: Mikaela Carson
After staring at all my original images - I began to think about these windows.  I took a small piece of one of the panes to make a haze around her.  I then played with duplication and reversing all the directions I could think of to give me that visual 'ease' about her moment here.  I wanted something semi-distorted.  I wanted something a tad on the creepy side.

As I stare at this now, I feel that she is longing for someone to rescue her.  I had seen this room and it felt locked away from the other parts of the building.  Very much like a princess tower where someone could have been locked in and forgotten.  However, this room had the most light coming in.  There were several stained glass windows with only one missing that was boarded up.

Behind the scenes - part of the tower room - Mikaela Carson modeling/testing
I feel too, this space is longing to be rescued.  We were able to speak to a local architect who was doing some measurements of the space.  I do hope they take this space and make it thrive alive again.  The structure and crisp details are still on the outside, but makes me wonder just what it might have looked like years ago before all the drywall and divisions.

Here's to new life and resurrection.
To creation and LOVE!!!!!

Much love to you,

Pink Light Images

Monday, October 13, 2014

ST Louis Wedding Teasers!!!!

This is our wonderful Dr Who / Time Travel wedding!!!!
We were so honored to be entrusted with the job of capturing all the home-made details, costumes and woods settings for their day.  I have too much to say - and I can't write it all tonite - but here are some looking out for an updated and elongated version of this story!!! Can't wait to share!!!!

ART teasers from St Louis!!!!!

I had the pleasure of working with some great models this weekend!!!
But, I only have teasers for now...wouldn't u know it!!!!

ENJOY these inspirational images...with more to come!!!!

Model: Mikaela Carson

Model: Callijah Chadwick

Model: Callijah Chadwick

Model: Mikaela Carson

Model: Mikaela Carson

Model: Callijah Chadwick, Sculpture: “Shoe of Shoes” by Victoria Fuller

Model: Callijah Chadwick

Model: Callijah Chadwick