Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kick the tires and LIGHT the fires!!!!

I've always loved that phrase from TOP GUN! hahahah :) I'm ending my year here full thankfulness-  no regrets.  Forgiveness for myself and others.  Passion to start a new day, a new year.  Ideas to inspire, encourage and ASPIRE to be all we can be.  

On Christmas Eve my husband and I spent time alone out in the boonies.  We lit our first fire pit fire...and enjoyed a freshly FROZEN cold front while "camping" outside.  While watching the fire, I realized how amazing it was.  The colors, the steady glow and the HEAT it gives off to keep you warm.  I didn't want to be cold...I WANTED to be warm! :)  

As I end this year....I intend to light my own fire and help others light THEIR fires!  The fires within BURNING to tell the stories, make the art and BE all you are supposed to be.  I'm challenging myself to go beyond my capabilities and embrace something bigger than myself.  It is ALL scary, but you know I feel I've been in training for a lot of this.  AND still have lots of training to do!

I read a quote yesterday:  "The best way out is always THROUGH"....Robert Frost

How many times do you want to AVOID going through something because it is too hard, too emotional, too painful?  Well, it is TIME to go THROUGH it.  The path is right through that dark spot where things lurk to grab you, potholes wait to trip you....but you can make it through!!!!!  I'm excited about your path just as much as I am about mine.  So, let's WALK this together!!!!!

Here are some fire pictures to get you "lit up"...............

ENJOY your last day of 2014.  
WELCOME 2015 as a new year, a new outlook, a new challenge, new thinking, new feeling, new beginnings.  Don't make resolutions - make some REVOLUTIONS to your life and see how quickly things move for you.  

One day at a time.
Starts with a spark.


WEDDING TEASERS part 2 - from the "surprise!!!! your shooting a courthouse wedding day", wedding! :)

I was called out last minute to capture this wedding day.  It just so happened the bride was in the previous day's wedding and her fiance was leaving in about 2 weeks to be shipped out.  I was brought in the evening before and headed out to start working when I found out the lead photographer that was hired was in a car wreck!  I took the lead and captured the day as I would normally - leaving no detail behind!!!  :)  I'm so thankful to have met all these folks and that I could help them on their special day!!! It is a great great thing!!!!

thanks you guys!!!

See you in the New Year!!! WHAT AN AMAZING YEAR!!!!!!

WEDDING TEASERS! from the Steampunk themed wedding!!!

Was so fortunate to work with these folks!!!!  I have much more to come, but here are some of the teasers from Janice's bridals AND their wedding day!!! They went ALL IN!!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Changing your perspective! - via a Hot Air Balloon ride...

Flight conducted by Sheldon of
I recently had the pleasure of soaring above in the Las Vegas desert.  Your perspective on life and environment can completely change in a matter of seconds when you let yourself into the experience of flight.

The environment was peaceful and quiet without anxiety or fear of heights.  The pilot was extremely passionate and knew everything he needed to know to help steer the balloon and LAND the balloon!  The only thing was - we didn't have a guaranteed landing spot.  Go figure!  When you fly a balloon you literally have to "go with the flow" until you find the spot where you can safely land.  They had a crew chasing us over streets in the city following us til it was time for our landing.  They work together as a unit to help us ALL have a great experience.  It was sooooo fun!

I deeply DEEPLY LOVE symbolism in my life!  I look for meaningful TANGIBLE experiences to encourage me on my personal journey.  This was no different to me!

Here are at least TWO things I learned about perspective while flying in a balloon:  

Looking down into the basket.
 #1 - Be at PEACE with your pace! - when riding in the balloon you have to stand in the basket for about an hour and be ok with it.  You will also probably have other people sharing this experience with you.  Stand with them.  Be in that moment and float free-er than you have EVER!  Embrace the peace that comes with "going with the wind".

The pilot and crew of Vegas Balloon Rides!
 #2 - Trust your PILOT!  (and crew) - While it may not always be EASY we need to learn to trust others for the ultimate direction of our lives.  Your pilot KNOWS what he is doing.  Your pilot is PASSIONATE about your experience on this journey.  Your pilot CARES about where you are going and where you can land safely.  He lights the FIRES and takes you up high into the sky!!!!!

There are a gazillion more things you can LEARN from these experiences...but I wanted to share TWO of them with you.  I encourage you to experience this for yourself and find out what you FIND out about yourself or your life.  
Pre-flight - getting "warmed up" and ready to fly!!!!!

I want to thank you ALL for a great 2014.  This, so far, has been a great journey of purpose, love, creativity and connection.  I have had a BLAST getting to know some of you and look forward to the dreams of 2015.  I hope your dreams come to pass and that the deepest DESIRES of your hearts come into reality.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a GLORIOUS Happy New Year! 


SIGN UP FOR A CREATIVE RETREAT - deadline is January 1st

SIGN UP for the Signature Bridal Show! (new brides/grooms/couples) - January 18th, Noon-5pm

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dream USA Destination - CONTEST!

I am scheming something interesting for 2015.  What is YOUR favorite USA destination - and WHY?

Contest winner willlll get a nice surprise.  TEE HEE.

RULES:  for 2015 giveaway

-somewhere you have never been but want to visit
-must happen on a short weekend trip (sorry this time, no Hawaii) 
-USA residents only (this time) 
-what SIGHT would you see - specifically? 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This week is unique.

"Down time" to me...gets a little restless after week one. 

I have some AMAZING THINGS I'm cooking up apart from my usual thoughts of traveling, connecting and making art. 

The problem usually is- staying ON COURSE through the rest time to accomplish these goals big and small.  This week I've felt a slight distraction coming to say hello.  I've felt ups and downs - anxiousness and lack of confidence.  All those friends that come to visit when you don't want them to. 

Truthfully I would rather have a nice phone call from a friend than THESE "friends". 

I do have huge dreams.  Some of them very silly and very simple.  What is boils down to is I do love making connections with people.  Be it creatively or by finding common ground to laughter.  I am, at heart, a RELATOR to the core.  I realize I dive in and out of these worlds of wanting to be alone and wanting to socialize.  I am realizing more and more how I work internally - and in that, the more I know me,  the more I can realize when I'm having a good or bad MENTAL day. 

The mind is the labyrinth of the thoughts that access emotions/logic and everything we seemingly are created with.  One minute you can access the thoughts that take you to high places of joy and the next minute you can access a thought that takes you to a lowest of low.  Choosing which thoughts to access is key. 

Choose wisely.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Fantasy: "3 dimensions and eye-face"

I had a lovely friend over last nite whom is an all-over beautiful person and SUPERNERD.  I had enlisted her help to brainstorm, talk and feel out where I'm going with my wedding photography AND other things.  After our journey of talking shop and per usual there was moments of play. :)

I took a few pictures of her using random objects she was gravitating towards...and really I always end up feeling so "spacey" anyways. hahahah!!!!  So my *fantasy* tends to take me to outworldly places using lines, textures, lights and FACES. 

When creating this image below....
 It is kinda funny that you can't see the DOME that is around her face - but you can clearly see the hoberman sphere.  I let my fingers guide me as I made it feel as if it was one of those kinds of images that jogs your eyeballs and you try to figure out is this motion, is this blur this a mess!?! :)  I fell into the 3D world and just let it be.  I love the colors and I love how her double-eye turned out. 

I had a flash of stuff like this in my mind:

I then took myself to a familiar prop - the lighted magnifying glass.  I don't think I will ever get tired of it. I really don't! HAHAAHAH :)  This time - somehow her eye seemed to take up half her face.  I really liked how creepy fun cool it looked and so I took it up a notch here. 

Letting the FANTASY part come into play.....I did this:
original image - model: Jedi Goddess
Combining the front and back side of the magnifying glass - model: Jedi Goddess
Finalized idea/image - i'm kinda obsessed at how weird it is! - model : Jedi Goddess
Ok folks - so basically LET YOURSELF take a turn for the weird.  Accept that sometimes you just need to play a bit and open yourself up for friends and play time.  Ideas can come as you share time with others and you also give your imagination a STRETCH.  

Take yourself into the 3rd dimension and OPEN YOUR EYES to the possibilities!!!!

-what is the last PROP you used in a weird way? 
-how did that turn out? 
-have you TRIED IT AGAIN????
-what new twist can you make from a past image idea?

Much Love


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday Thinking: "Access your heart"

I can't help but sometimes FEEL overwhelmed when it comes to digging out the treasures in my heart!  I sat down today to start thinking about the future.  You know the not-so-distant future of 2015 and beyond.  

I was stuck for a few moments.  

When we get so busy and forget to slow down, we might also miss dreams inside that needed to be found.  We may already be LIVING a lot of our dreams - but I've also found that some dreams are within dreams to an even BIGGER dream.  (geez, Inception much?) heheeh!!!!

Yea you feel that?


But, take heart dear ones - this feeling only lasts a short while because then you get back on track breaking down your dreams/goals into pieces that you can walk out bit by bit.  We weren't made to FLY necessarily - we were given FEET to walk to our destination.  

Hey, that doesn't mean I don't WANT wings - but let us stay on the ground for a few tread lightly and keep moving forward.  Open your eyes and mind to the light that surrounds you and your path.  Let peace and love rule.  

Before you know it - you have opened up a huge ball of energy and it changes your life forever.

-what dream has been buried that you need to DIG out? 
-where does YOUR energy come from? 
-what drives YOU?
-write down at least ONE GOAL today and set yourself to complete it in the next 3 months!

Wednesday Wandering : "cleaning out your car and meeting friends!"

This week's "Wednesday Wandering" takes me outside for a few on this wonderfully chilly rainy day.  Honestly - when it is raining I stay indoors - but oddly when I TRAVEL....I go outdoors.  I don't know why.  I haven't figured that out yet. :)  In St Louis I was on a mission to create...and even CREATE in the rain.  But here at home - I find I'm a true homebody. 

Except for today!!!!

Today, I have started cleaning out my car. 

Now to you, maybe this isn't a huge deal - but for me having done all this traveling and more traveling and less and LESS cleaning....MY CAR WAS A MESS. 

The outside had been freshly washed, the belt tensioner tightened....but the trash and props and more were just overly cluttering my life AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

So, phase 1 - I have completely taken out the trash, threw stuff in the recycle and next - I'll attempt to vacuum it later or tomorrow.  Then, probably wipe it down with armor all.  I always find that cleaning your car and home is just like cleaning out your mind & heart.  You have to ADDRESS what is going on inside so that your outside and inside collide.  There is a harmony when things are cleaned up.  Not perfect, just CLEANED UP.  :)

Don't ignore your mess.
Because then it turns into a disaster.
 You have the power right now, right here to deal with your mess and get moving into a less cluttered direction.  Sometimes I can't even think unless I de-clutter!  I need to BREATHE. I need to think.  I need to assess my mental and emotional health.

Phase ONE - done!!!! The car is reflecting a less-cluttered moment.
Phase TWO - finally leaving this house to meet friends. 

Wednesday Wandering: 
-where did you go today that was NOT your house.
-did you see the sky?
-did you see a friend? 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday TipTricks!!!! : "Using WINTER as the perfect excuse to create"


So, I'll be the first to tell you - it is NOT my favorite season!!! I don't like being cold and I don't like wearing 5 layers of clothes to STAY warm.  My winters here in texas turn into flannel pants every single day.  It is the warmest thing I own for my legs.  Go figure. 

However, I like to take that 3-7days we might be locked in our house for ICE (long story, short story, Texans have crappy roads in winter) and make some art!!!

So my biggest TIP or TRICK today is - let winter work FOR you instead of against you!!!!

Below you will find images throughout last winter and what I experienced as a TEXAN who really dislikes winter.  I start with making art from icicles and then merging into a fun project with Rachel Frank, Jane Love and Justin Hardesty in Chicago IL.   

 I was able to push myself artistically even when the bitter cold was sweeping across my face, hands and eyeballs!  The wind off the lake was SO STRONG i couldn't even open my eyes.  I had to walk BACKWARDS!  In the end, I learned that relationships mean just as much to me as the art I create.  These people in this blog have touched my life in more ways than one and I'm so greatful for them.  So, even when I travel in WINTER I find love, happiness and creativity. 

artwork made of icicles on our house.
18 (or less) degrees - Chicago IL - Model: Jane Love  Designer: RFD by Rachel Frank
working around the blizzard. - Model: Jane Love - Designer: RFD by Rachel Frank
enjoying our wintertime - together.  Chicago IL
our moments on the frozen lake - no photo shoot here - just plain crazee wind!!!!!
making snow angel art
making memories with friends - even if I dislike winter!!!  I love Justin!!!!!

-When winter hits, what are you going to use for your next project?  Snow? Ice? WIND????
-Share your art with someone who hates winter, see if it inspires them.
-What is your greatest memory from winter? (be it traveling or relationships) 
-Don't let WINTER shut you down this year, find ways to bring the light and joy into gloomy weather.  Make it fun and make new relationships!!!! <3 

Much Love


Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Madness: "Longing"

I titled these things "Monday madness" because sometimes I am thinking of random things all weekend or all day long.  This is where I stop and enter into the madness.  

In - "madness" has a 4th meaning.  

intense excitement or enthusiasm. 
I have a hard time really communicating my heart out into the world, but yet somehow it does get out there.  If you don't see it in words then you see it in pictures.  My viewpoint is my own.  My eyes are my own and my madness is my own!!!!
I am reflecting this morning about my short time in Maine.  I look at the images and how blue and crisp the waters were and I want to be there again.  I want to be there longer than 2 hours.  I want to sit on the rocks and absorb the surroundings to the fullest.  
I realize that even if I planned a trip up again - it would not be the same as before - but would be another UNIQUE experience to life and love.  Embracing all of who I am NOW and all of who I am in the future.  Realizing that every day dreams that are seeds have to take root, then BURST into the light for all to see.  
Enjoy a few beautiful moments from Maine.  
I had never been to this state before.   
Now I feel myself being drawn back - if only for the water's edge.
Thank you for enjoying and reaching for inspiration every day!!!!

Monday Madness:
-what right now are you INTENSELY excited about? 
-share an image with your friends and family about something you experience in 2014 that ignited your passions
-write a paragraph about how you felt in THIS moment.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Thinking : "Success"

Thought of the day.

Make your OWN definition of success.  

Our society places definitions on all parts of life...especially success.  But what if I were to say that what is important to "culture" as success isn't the same as what YOU believe to be successful.  

Turn your brain on tonite or in the morning...and think about what success means to you.

Now ask yourself?  Are you successful?  Why or why not.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Wanderings : "inside your brain"

I was going to take a walk today.  You know, actually WANDER outside and see what is going on.  I just never made it out there.  My desire faded away into thoughts of things of the mind and how we let thoughts come in and make a little home.  My wandering today happened til 6am this morning and then I finally went to sleep.  

I realize that I'm always trying to learn how to communicate.  Above all, I want to reciprocate love in the form of actions and words.  I got a little lost last nite and shut down.  I've been re-booting all day to bring my wandering mind back to the reality of change that is here in front of me.

I want to communicate love and passion better.  I want to learn how to take criticism even when very harsh and mean.  I immediately get emotional and take things personal when I am verbally criticized.  I haven't figured my way out of that instant stab in the heart.  I cannot control it.  I know I have the choice to take a lasting offense or not though.  I can choose forgiveness for myself and the other party involved.

So forgive. and forgive OFTEN.   
open up to JOY and Happiness!

This is inside my brain.
(literally) this is my brain scan.

my brain scan

Wednesday Wanderings:
-where did you walk today?
-where did your mind take you? 
-how did you feel when you came BACK???
-write a poem about today's adventure - be it reality or in your mind.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday TipTricks! "Bathmat Beauty!!!"

In today's blog I'm going to share a tip or trick that I've used in the past either in creations or designing things!!!  I ideally would LOVE to keep things simple, but I have also found in life when striving for difference I make things HARDER! ahahah!!!! But all in all - I will share things that have inspired me or pushed me to be creative in new ways!!!

So, here is your tuesday trick or tip! <3
Maybe you have already used this tip or me????!!! How would you use it for yourself???

Ok! So tip & trick #1!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I traveled to St Louis I brought a prop that I had used several times already.  I think what is important is that when you have an idea...sometimes you have to let it play out and TRY a few times before you might be satisfied with the final product.  

This prop came from my lovely friend Becky who stopped and grabbed it because it stood out to her and inspired her.  When she brought it to my house....I AGREED!!!!!  This prop, is a BATHMAT. :)  A plastic, flexible, see-through, "rock like" BATH MAT!

I tried several different ways to use this during this particular shoot.  I was pretty determined to make something out of it and be completely different than the last shoot.

Before, having help from Melodie & Lisa - they helped hold up the bathmat - as the light is hitting it! (raw image)
I did face touch-ups and added another quick small layer of bathmat to cover the other things.
Model: Mikaela Carson
This right now, is me trying things out.  I basically wanted to cover her face completely and see how i felt about it.  You know? Sometimes you see something in your mind and it doesn't play out as much OR maybe it does.
Model: Mikaela Carson
Model: Marsha Denlinger - "the bathmat corset" - I did really really love how the bathmat made a great corset - I just still have a lot of art to make from that session!  It was unique, different and gave me great new ideas!

The mat took on a lighting that I had not seen almost glowed blue-ish purple.  Super fun!!!!!

Take a wild prop that you are inspired by....and make something AMAZING!!!!!!

Show the world, tell the world, and inspire others!!!!!

Signing off for your Tuesday TipTrick....

Love Jen

Tuesday TipTricks!
-find a prop that inspires you!!!
-use it as least THREE ways in your creation time.
-post the results, think about the results and your story
-what has been your favorite object to use???

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday MADNESS!!!!! - "listen to the universe!"

This is Monday madness.

Welcome to a new week!!!!  I have really been having a busy weekend, but found some cool things that popped up somewhere on the interwebs and took me on an intriguing short journey.

"All this electromagnetic phenomenons can be transformed into electric signals, which can in turn be amplified and used to excite the membrane of a loud speaker ; thus making audible to the human ear the rustling of the cosmos.  All these sounds were recorded while Voyager 2 was passing at 110 000 km of Saturn's system, and assembled without manipulation.  Extract from "Symphonies of the Planets vol.5 - Saturn's rings", Nasa Voyager Recordings, Brain/Mind Research, 1990. "

I found these sounds of the univerrrrrrrrrse online.  I was intrigued as I pushed play and turned it up loud on my computer speakers.  I immediately found myself feeling like a miniscule part of a vastly large solar system and universe out there.  I imagined myself in a spaceship humming my way through the depths of space seeing new things, colors and finding adventures.  I have already decided - this will be amazing homework to work through.  Getting inspired by the SOUNDS out there in space.

To learn more about it - just google!  I've only just found a handful of videos, but am so intrigued!  I love knowing there are far GREATER things out there than just lil ol me. :)

for your Monday Madness:
-what has inspired you this weekend?
-when was the last time you created to music or sound?
-what is your favorite planet?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fantasy : "The world we make!"

I am consistently making new worlds.  It sometimes comes like a second nature when I'm playing with lights or abstract items.  When I am allowing myself to play for a while I end up in space.  My own outer space!  

When I dream, my mind does go to other places.  It goes beyond the real and into the fantasy.  I'm inspired by movies that take us to new worlds and new solar systems.  I like seeing how stars fly past the screen when one hits the hyperdrive button!   I don't even mind the worlds they create UNDERWATER which still gives you a spacey-otherworldly-feeling.

The world we make in our Friday Fantasy is about spherical objects!   Around the house I'm sure you have a gazillion things in the form of a sphere.  Have you ever thought about making that object a part of your world?  In this image below I have a combination of some images THROUGH a lens that gave me a circle.  (circle, sphere, you get the idea)  I LOVE how the top left reminds me of the moon, the far right reminds me of headlights or a star.  My face feels like a porthole from my spaceship.  I'm just watching things as they fly by and I'm living in my little spherical world floating in space. 

"The world we make" by Pink Light Images

"Sphere" the movie.
On point with the world I'm creating, I'm inspired by movies that use objects in unique ways too.  Especially spacey-alienesque movies.  In June 2014 I bought "Sphere".  I watched it all the way through and THEN I watched it AGAIN listening to the commentary.  I realized then and there the WORLD they created had a LOT more layers that at first glance. Even if you HATED the movie, watch the commentary!   It was so neat to hear about how the world they created went from an idea to a full world.  There was a whole section on just the SPHERE alone!  I recommend it, it is a great watch!  

Movie Still from "Sphere"
Your Friday Fantasy homework: 
-What around your house can become a part of your "world" in your creations.
-Are you seeing more SPHERES now that we've talked about it? 
-What scene can you create inspired by a SPHERE starting from the idea all the way to reality?
-Share your creations with us!  Your art is your voice!