Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Introducing "Punches of Pink" my new inspirational web series!!!!

I cannot believe I forgot to BLOG about this!  Maybe it is because I've been so engrossed in meeting people in real life...that I've forgotten to take a few minutes to talk about what is happening in the NOW for 2016.  

For a lot of years in getting to know myself - I found that deep inside all along I've been an encourager.  When someone is sad or low...I want to help them up out of it...
When something is a battle...I will find ways to inspire myself or others to "punch" through and keep going and NEVER GIVE UP!  

I've waited a long time to figure out where my voice fits in an over-saturated world with too many noises.  After much thought and consideration...I felt it best to do a video "blog" web-series to showcase what I'm all about and what I would like to accomplish! 

Punches of Pink was a thought back when I would have many wisdom meetings with girlfriends.  I would always tend to share my life experiences or any wisdom I may have picked up along my life path.  Originally it was going to be a book, but last year I realized... I hardly READ books so why would I be in a hurry to WRITE one?  Not saying a book won't happen....but in reality...a video is much more "me!".  


My good friend Angie sat with me at dinner one night.  We were doing our usual catch-up and wisdom passing of knowledge when she blurted out... "your book should be called Punches of Pink because these really quick pieces of wisdom are like a little PUNCH".  We also envisioned a pair of boxing gloves as the lead graphic.  At the time..i said "yea!"...and then filed it away as something for "ONE DAY". 

Now, what you don't know is...YEARS LATER...I would be introduced to boxing classes.  At the time I was meeting with Angie, I didn't know anything about classes like that nor had I sought them out.  But, my amazing friend Karla introduced me to it.  She felt it was probably my "soulmate" workout!  Boy, was she right!  I don't know what it is - but it is SO empowering to take charge of that bag for an hour of time.  Dripping intense...knowing that you are fighting for your well-being in that time frame.  

In 2015 I had this DEEP DESIRE to want to be an inspirational (and creative) speaker.  I started sending out applications to events that  I would complement the lineup.  I never heard a yes or a no, but I sent them.  I put together at least THREE solid classes but didn't have an avenue to share them yet.  In October, during the attendance of the Promoting Passion convention in Boone NC...I started to see something forming in my mind.  It was like years upon years of dots were starting to connect.  Combined with inspirational speakers that I look up to like Brooke and MeRa Koh...I started seeing flashes of where I need to go next.   A podcast was too vocal.  A book was too "plain" and visual for me.  BUT a web-series... Yes, I think I found my outlet!  A visual representation of me, the passion and the PEOPLE I love connecting with.   

Punches of Pink was officially launched January 7th of 2016.  

In order to keep things simple for myself as a full-time photographer AND artist I wanted something that would be under 5 minutes long, give a "PUNCH" of wisdom and also bring in my community of friends to share theirs as well.    I also decided that releasing videos 3 times a month would give me enough diversity of content and challenge me as well on my personal artistry.  The reason I didn't pick a day of the week to do WEEKLY videos is because I felt that it wasn't me.  I'm random, I'm not scheduled, I'm not a robot or a routine...but I chose instead to focus on a number that inspired me.  "7".  So every video is released on the 7th, 17th, and 27th.  EASY.  Easy to remember and easy to diversify! 

These videos had an underlying purpose even from when I started my business in 2006.  
To Inspire.  
To Encourage.  
To Aspire.

I took a year long business course that helped me stir up ground for my business and WHY I wanted to start my business.  Those three key words were the depths of my heart and soul.  Photography was my tool!  So now, I'm adding speaking as another tool - I believe that when we use our voice - we change the atmosphere.  So, I'm going to do just that!  

Please subscribe to the Youtube channel if you want to keep up with the episodes.
Or on my Pink Light Images facebook page. 

I would love to hear what inspires you, encourages you and helps you to aspire to BE all you can be!  We all have a voice ....and we all have "punches" of wisdom to share!  

All the best to you,

Jen with Pink Light Images

Newest released episode :  Episode 3!
Becky with Irish Coffee Studio takes a few moments to share about her art & life.