Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Teasers from San Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back from San Diego this week!!!!
I wanted to share a couple of teasers with you...I'm so excited to share this amazing wedding with you in the next few weeks....


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Promoting Passion Convention 2015: where WEIRD happens - part 1

Actually, WEIRD isn't too bad of a term if you know me.  I'd like to think I'm pretty out there and weird.  No matter where I am....THERE I am.  I try to immerse myself completely into something to learn, grow and be challenged.  When the Promoting Passion Convention came online...I guarantee you i was among the first to register.  I adore Brooke's spirit.  I adore being around like-minded people.  I knew that when she did a convention it would bring more people that I would meet and understand...and vice versa.

I for the life of me didn't remember if I had EVER been to North Carolina, but I figured why not now?  I was eager to reach out as soon as I could for room-mates and car-mates to drive from the aiport to the mountain.  I cannot say enough great things about both sets of ladies that I got to meet!  I'm so glad to have car-mated with Kyla, Rachael and Kristin!  And my roomies: Samantha P and Ani.  I feel that each person I got to be in close contact with were SO SPECIAL because we were all so like-hearted and like-minded.  That was so so so GREAT!  Ladies, you are awesome. 

We arrived to the mountain WAY after the sun went down...and I was so eager to get there knowing there were pre-convention convention things going on!  We made it JUST in time for dinner and ran over to the main hall to see a circle forming.  After I checked in and started eating like a mad woman...I had this URGE to go...."duck....duck.......... GOOSE!"

 As the arrivals began, our circle just got bigger and bigger and bigger.  We were starting to say things that were "surprising" about us...but I never got to say anything.  So, I just immersed myself into watching everyone else squirm and then we broke for the movie! :) 

I have to say it is always REFRESHING to see faces that you have seen ENDLESSLY online....but to see them in person?  Do you know JOY?  Well JOY is what I felt.  So excited to see all these faces together.  To see Brooke smiling and knowing she was working and playing at the same time. LOL!!!! 

I was fully excited for the INTIMATE setting we had created and just open to have fun and learn more about myself and others.  Creativity comes in so many forms...and I appreciate how different we all are in that.  But, we also have this commonality you know?  Was I really HERE for the next few days?  What would happen...what would it become?  What might I create? :) 

I think the BEST opening statement I could have ever caught was being my unique WEIRD self. :)  Even among weird people I FEEL WEIRD!  WEIRDER!  I try not to let that dictate how I communicate - so this time I just let it all go.  I put down every expectation - every fear - every worry.....so I could be my VERY true and authentic self.  And I also determined at every meal - I would rotate tables and sit with different people EACH TIME.  Did anyone else do that?  I did.  I wanted to make sure I allowed myself to listen AND be heard all in one swoop.  :)

The fog and rain were a bit much for me at first...I simply forgot to pack ANYTHING remotely warm.  As the time went on and I realized how far we had to walk and how many STAIRS we had to climb...I changed my outfits every day to reflect that. lol!!  That last day though - I had my finished outfit already picked out. 
I was excited to hear from Mitch/Shalem about their creativity and how they approach ideas/photography!

One thing about their class - is it was over way too fast! haahaha! We didn't get to do another look because we simply ran out of time - but I had a blast getting to know their passions. :)

I don't recall what the rest of the day held....but I'm pretty sure it was awesome....especially towards the night-time when I met up with Mika.  Mika shared a fear with Brooke apparently and then shared a fear with me.  While watching Brooke work outside in pitch black and rain - I went back inside to talk to Mika again about facing the fear.  We walked out after finding an ice light to LIGHT her (because by now it was pitch black outside) and assisted by Krystal helped Mika with her very own photo shoot near the woods.  To the naked eye, you dont' see what is really happening.  You don't see the tears or the shaking...you see a woman FLYING in/around the woods facing the very real fear.   She will have to tell you the FEAR that faced.  I just know I was lucky to talk her into coming outside NEAR the woods, much less INTO the woods!!! :)  
(she saved that for post-convention)

As she kept leaping in the shot...she seemed to get less and less nervous about THAT area.  I loved that.  For me, I was watching someone face their fear using baby steps.  Just getting OUT THERE and facing it.  Thanks to Mika for trusting me to capture that moment...even if it was cold, rainy and dark! :)  Oh, and she borrowed Brooke's dress for it. :)  TEE HEE HEE!
Thus ended the evening for me....

My next blog will be part 2 :) 

Passionates, have you written about your experience yet? :)

Love Jen

Monday, November 9, 2015

TEASERS from the Lord of the Rings wedding!!!!

Welcome to the small teaser blog from the Lord of the Rings wedding!  They had soooo many cool items, decorations, themes and LOVE.  I am always inspired by couples that really try to be themselves during their celebration.  This day was as unique as THEY were. :)  I can't wait to share more with you!  But for now...enjoy some more teasers!

Let's catch up shall we?

I do have a lot of things to share and write about....but I will get to Promoting Passion another time.  ...I do have much to share on that topic as well as some images I enjoyed making.

Today's blog....

Will the mountains speak just as much as the ocean? 

I find complete peace in the sounds of the ocean.  I cannot explain it...I just know it.  Every chance I get to STARE into the ocean...I will do it.  My last stare-session was in Maine this summer....with at least several different types of beaches I got to visit.  It was a huge personal accomplishment for me as my adventure is to always go see a few new places and maybe meet some new people.  Well, I did it!   Enjoyed many version of the waters.

Enter the MOUNTAIN of the Promoting Passion Convention....

When I was at the Promoting Passion convention we were completely covered in fog/rain for 4 solid days with the 5th day being an open sky with clouds moving fast out of our way.  It is called "Heavenly Mountain".  Now I felt a different connection there.  After being shielded from view for days...I was able to stare out and see just why they called them "blue ridge".  Just amazing really.

 Here is a time lapse I did of our stay there...in key points of our viewpoints on the sunniest day of the trip.  I stayed a whole extra day to enjoy the area....and boy.... did I!

I hope to report back these next 2 weeks about the mountains I'll be experiencing and the ART we will make from them.  I still remember the first time I flew to Seattle and sound the GRAND mountain staring back at me.  I said hello.  It smiled back.

Mountains? See you soon!