Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fall Creative Retreat - Dates announced!!!!!

As I was completing the wonderful mission of the creative retreat this month...I started searching for the next feasible dates for the NEXT one.  I believe that we always need to "check-in" with ourselves and learn how to access our treasures.  I have been working non-stop for this whole month and really embracing the uniqueness and ideas that come with this assignment.

I truly am beginning to see all the things that hold hands together to form our creative spirits!!!  So, the next dates of the retreat have been announced!  I already have the registration page up, but I can give you early-bird pricing for the month of August. :)  Because space is limited to FIVE women only - we have a chance to have in-depth moments of conversation, creation and so many more things that access your treasures within.  Every single retreat will be variably different as inspiration is a full-flowing-river that you just JUMP into when ready. :)

When you sign up, drop ALL expectations and walk into the unknown with me!

In creating the IMAGE below:
These were moments of fear, moments of darkness and of heat and rain.  We had a mixture of environmental cues hit us on this day in moment of the shoot.  The sensitivity of the environment lends me to create thoughts and ideas into images that speak to me as a person.  Our art SHOULD speak to us! The question also is, are we listening?  I got a sense of FEAR because it was unknown territory.  We had walls that blocked us from ACCESSING our true creative spirit.  The heat of the moment poured down my face and I could barely keep up with the energy that was driving me forward into that blank space.  The moment I embraced my environment I was able to relax long enough to create images that brought an out-worldly feel directly into my heart.  It is THIS out-wordly feeling we try to create when we leave our comfort zones.  In the immediate future (yes, we are time travelers)...those next moments can bring a torrential downpour and lightning storm.  You've heard it said to "dance in the rain"....but how often do we sit inside and just watch.  We don't participate and we don't ENGAGE the rain.  I invite you, dear FIVE women....to embark on the next creative retreat...where 2 days...will help you to, ARISE.

Here is our new graphic for the Fall....  SIGN UP HERE

Monday, July 28, 2014

My artwork seen in TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK CITY, July 24th.

As a result of entering a competition and art show, I was able to show SIX of my images in the See.Me #takeover in Times Square New York City.

I wasn't able to go there in person but I was able to sift through some of the photos that were posted to find 4 pictures out of the 6 I had in the show.  Because the billboards were SO LARGE some of the pictures they took were hard to make out.  I did find ONE though which make me super super happy!!!!  The new photo galleries online were great quality - so i still have TWO more to find!

Thanks to everyone that believes in me and my work.  I have a great time going on adventures in my mind to create pieces that are MEANINGFUL and thought-provoking.  NYC is one of my favorite places - so I would love to see my work go there more often!!! :)

Here are the images I've found so far!

The Creative Retreat.....what an AMAZING TIME!

I had my first EVER Creative Retreat this year in July.  I had been waiting for the right timing to just let it fly!!!! After having some great talks this year and investing in my own creative life - I decided it was time to step up and help others get their creative lives going!

I think one of my main challenges was talking about it! What do i call it, what do i say?  In my mind I had started formulating a theme to it.  It was called ARISE.  Arise has such a GREAT motion and ACTION to it that I truly felt that word encompassed everything I wanted in the time I had to share at this retreat.  I wanted to help others ARISE to be all they were meant to be.

I spent a few months hashing out ideas and time flows for exercises.  I utilized my OWN experience for most of the way things went.  I believe that it was my time to share everything I had been given since I began this journey.  I have taken myself on the most IN DEPTH seeking journey I have ever done.  I know it has many beginnings and I feel that as I move I am always beginning or ending something on my walk.  So, as one things ends, another begins.

I talked about CARVING our own paths.  This was VITAL to me understanding where my life was going and VITAL for all of us to understand that just because there is a path already - doesn't mean we are supposed to walk it.  I think following examples are great, but I also think that SETTING an example is just as great!  We have to stop and really think about where we are, where we are going...and when to pick up your machete to CARVE the path in the jungle.

I always get a vision of Romancing the Stone...where Joan had to carve a path.

So that being said....here is a tiny montage of some of the amazing things we walked through on our journey!!!!!!!

Herez to the first of many QUARTERLY retreats!!!!!

I take only a limited number of ladies.  The smaller groups allow for us to have talking times, reflection times and some girl time. :)

The next RETREAT:  

October 3-5th, 2014 : Ladonia TX
Get your spot secured NOW!  


From the girls: 
"Her technique of combining creative play, soul searching and being still were truly invaluable!" ----Dana

"I had fun discovering my creative gifts in writing, art, games, and sharing !" ---Doris

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

reaching for YOUR creativity!

We talk a lot, we write blogs, we live life.

Sometimes too many times through OTHER people.  We get so caught up in staring at others' images when what we should really be doing is working on our own ideas and crafts! :)  I love inspiration just as much as anyone else - but sometimes there comes a time to sit still and partake of the river of creativity flowing past you.  It can come in an idea, a vision in your mind, a movie, a lego batman game.....

I had a lovely friend stop over today....we had discussed the same shoot last Saturday but she was unable to make it.  So, we rescheduled as I'm thinking ahead for a sci-fi themed art show coming up in August! Well, i really can't be my own model all the time.  I just have more fun letting it flow without me hitting the remote all the time! :)  Or "selfies" u know. :) heeheheh

So....we had some things we started with and things we ended with....

There is a lot more to come, but we tried to use some crafts and props in ways you wouldn't normally think about.  Sometimes the ideas work and sometimes they just don't!!!  But I'm always trying.  An idea can form through 3-go-throughs til I find what fits right.  I still have a small handful formulating in my mind that I want to try and pull off.  All in good time....

Speaking of TIME - you have to allow TIME for your creativity to come through....
Have you ever noticed that sometimes the "magic" comes in the last 15 minutes of say that HOUR you devoted to shooting?  ME TOO. :)

Today was no different...we had a blast playing....
and I look forward to more art....

data stream.  access your creativity!
building a cocoon.

Space Helmet..... lol

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday, the end of the photographer's weekend! :)

Don't take your light for granted. Let it shine in the darkness and let it flow into the rivers of creation...

I felt that I wanted to devote some time to the weekend pictures we took out in the park in Richardson.  I have been truly inspired by the DRESS I found at Boston Costume and thankfull I know the best porcelain doll model here in the metroplex. :)  Destiny Lenora.  

I have really been exploring thoughts, places and characters.  I have a long long way to go - but I find that just simply CREATING before the story inspires me.  I tend to write the story AFTER I create.  I like seeing just how organically things can come together within that experience with my model and then that ENVIRONMENT we worked in.

By "environment" I literally mean everything around it.
-the textures of the rocks
-the tatteredness of the dress
-the long creepy hair
-the reflection in the water.
-the fake "smoke" i made with a touch of flour.
-the quietness and stillness of this space.
-the feeling of spirit and "ghostliness" when we pre-discussed characters.
-embracing the colors but being open to completely THROW THEM OUT for the next chapter in the story.

"Don't take your light for granted. Let it shine in the darkness and let it flow into the rivers of creation." - Jen Sulak

How has your personal homework been going?
Did you learn something new to try in your images?

Let's share!

From this experience I was reminded - please use BUG SPRAY around still waters!!!!!

Thank you
Love you
KEEP CREATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend inspiration.....

I have had some ideas sitting in my mind...and finally tonite I was able to get together with Destiny to try out the new dress from Boston...AND....actually try to throw flour.  I've seen a gazillion people do it...and a gazillion great images from it.  I wanted to make my own experience and just try it. 

I found throwing it was harder than it looked...depending on how much or how the wind took it...but it did make this NICE CLOUD effect that was quite awesome.  These are only testers and teasers...but I wanted to share!!! :)

our first time to be in this place with this dress and this scene. :)

First time to throw some flour and work on the fly with learning to use it!
I will have additional pieces that come out later-  but for now I just wanted to play with my brain a bit, maybe play with YOUR brain a bit....and move forward with creativity.

Sometimes you are sitting and watching the river flow.
Sometimes you are swimming in it.

Don't ever be too hard on yourself!  You are a creative unique being - and you have a lot to give!  But also remember those times to receive. <3 :)

You are loved.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Prop tester teaser #talknerdytome

I've shared before that i love testing props on people....(and myself)....
i have some ideas for glass block...and i revisited the projector mostly just for the blue.

testing teaser!!!!

Model: Carrie Sumner
capture by Pink Light Images

I hope you are continuing to push yourself with WEIRD PROPS!!!/??!!! If you are, please share!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

ENGAGEMENT teasers! From Cape Cod MA!

Had an absolute blast driving to the Cape to find a beach to capture their engagements on!  I hope we'll get to explore a bit more when I'm there for the wedding!!! :) Had such an AMAZING trip!!!!!

We had some mini adventures here with the teasers....we got into the water...and got some waves!!!!  We also let a guy *photobomb* their image.  They are huge fans of that!  I also got to capture a lot more scenes and other things - but these are some small teasers of our time at Chappaquoit Beach. :)  My hopes are to also find a lighthouse - somewhere! :) tee hee hee hee hee!!!!

More to come!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding Teasers! from Boston!!!!

I was thoroughly excited for MONTHS before this trip! It was another dream come true for me as I love serving clients all over this big world.  This trip landed me in Boston to not only see Blue Man Group...but then capture a wedding that was truly unique in its own way!  I had such a blast with these two and their friends and family! 

Here are some of the teasers...they'll get a full blog post in the next week or two!!!

Herez to Eric + Amanda!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art Releases.....

She dances in her own light to her own rhythm.  Despite storms and winds she prevails and takes flight.

This is a small series I did with Jennifer Bernal on a whim....I love her willingness to help create something out of nothing.  I love that we could get together and spend some time creating and taking images that would forever be some favorite moments from our lives.

Thanks Jen. :)