Thursday, March 21, 2013

VLOG 14 - laundry and talking about Project Runway!!!

HEWO, here is VLOG 14......i'm in between events!!!!

Here are the blog entries i was talking about where I met KENLEY!!!!!

And here is my small picture "tutorial" on doing a "remix fix" of your old tank tops if they are too stretched out!!!!

To see what Kenley is up to: 

Love Jen

Playtime! - a time of concepts and light.

I had an feeling to work tonite on some fun concepts. I knew i wanted to shoot on the black paper...and i wanted to go a little on the "dark" side.  As I was talking to Sami we had these moments of inspiration...that led us to talk about mini-blinds and the look of shadows.  I began to ask myself....what can i make to simulate MINI BLINDS? hahahahah.

I had a 16x20 piece of acrylic laying around...and realized that if i put painter's tape on there...i would probably simulate some stripes....and then use the video light to give me that "window light" look.  I was wishing i had a couple of barn doors to hone the light in...but it turned out really well after all.

Everyone once in a while, I just wanna work and conceive and do some fashion and concept things!
Mostly to push myself as well as keep using my studio things. :) <3

Here you go, ENJOY

A moment of dreaming....

Testing out objects and inspirations! AND SHADOWS!
I only added some color/contract - these shadows came out amazing!

Sami had some great vintage goodies to work with! :)
Another take on the shadow images.

Having fun with fans and hats.
The chainmail simulation for the sad future girl.

Enjoying the light.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

WEDDING SHOW awesomeness!

Huge thanks to Destiny my assistant today - it was a blast and definitely needed the help today! :)  I had such a great time loading in, decorating (yet again) ....I'm always looking for ways to improve with every venue I get into.  I'm a super diverse girl, and get "bored" with regular!!! So i'm glad I could get out today - meet some cool people and share my wedding photography and art!!!!

Stay tuned for MORE coming soon!!!!

Sorry for the not so great photo! was in a hurry! LOL
Destiny posing with the car next to us! LOL
Stepped into the photo booth and flew.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

for the rest of MARCH!!!! This is whatzup!!!!

Perfect Wedding Guide BRIDAL SHOW!!! March 17th, starting at NOON :)

Fleur De Lis Bridal Show - March 24th - starting at NOON!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let's talk REALITY of your wedding day!!!!!

I love love love seeing heels.....
and there is nothing like a great outfit, wedding gown or pair of jeans where folks ROCK the heels....but let's face it..........................IT HURTS :)

It actually hurt me to look at these shoes....and then the faces as we were enjoying the evening...of the "I cannot wait to get out of these heels"!!!!

The grounds of the stockyards were VERY uneven - and I couldn't even walk flat-footed much less high-heeled! So kudos girls....<3

Much love, keeping it real.....

This is pre-walking to ceremony....

Ladies - if you are determined to marry and have the wedding party stomp in heels...come prepped with reception shoes!!! (if ya can't handle it!)  p.s. all these shoes were amazing on, just not for very long! <3 :)

Congrats Chad & Destiny!!!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Engagement Teaser from the water gardens!

I was playing around towards the end of our session with the little fountain area....I decided to make it more of a shilouette this time around...because I loved the light bursts of spray!!!!  Thanks to Paul & Janna for bearing with me and my ideas!!!!  You guys did so great!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

AWW! Thank you!

I really hope the lovely BRIDES and family & friends had fun at the Posh Show!!!!
I had a blast talking with folks and chatting up a bit about their special wedding day! :)

I hope to connect with quite a few of you really really soon!!!!

Please see my little tiny video blog about it....and a few pics....
I had just a few bag fell out of my car...and my biz cards flew out into the wind and concrete....I smacked my ankle on one of the carts moving my little chairs back & forth. LOL!!!  Then, my larger banner wouldn't open!  It is broken! I have no idea what happened!!!! :(  haha! I still had a blast and i felt super cute.  I wanted to be sure as many girls that stopped by knew they too, were beautiful!  I hope you all check your baggies....I left you a little note in there! <3 :)

Meanwhile...enjoy the pics and video!!!! <3 :)

My little booth....I brought out my fabulous yellow chairs! HAH!!!!
Freshly dolled up!