Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kick the tires and LIGHT the fires!!!!

I've always loved that phrase from TOP GUN! hahahah :) I'm ending my year here full thankfulness-  no regrets.  Forgiveness for myself and others.  Passion to start a new day, a new year.  Ideas to inspire, encourage and ASPIRE to be all we can be.  

On Christmas Eve my husband and I spent time alone out in the boonies.  We lit our first fire pit fire...and enjoyed a freshly FROZEN cold front while "camping" outside.  While watching the fire, I realized how amazing it was.  The colors, the steady glow and the HEAT it gives off to keep you warm.  I didn't want to be cold...I WANTED to be warm! :)  

As I end this year....I intend to light my own fire and help others light THEIR fires!  The fires within BURNING to tell the stories, make the art and BE all you are supposed to be.  I'm challenging myself to go beyond my capabilities and embrace something bigger than myself.  It is ALL scary, but you know I feel I've been in training for a lot of this.  AND still have lots of training to do!

I read a quote yesterday:  "The best way out is always THROUGH"....Robert Frost

How many times do you want to AVOID going through something because it is too hard, too emotional, too painful?  Well, it is TIME to go THROUGH it.  The path is right through that dark spot where things lurk to grab you, potholes wait to trip you....but you can make it through!!!!!  I'm excited about your path just as much as I am about mine.  So, let's WALK this together!!!!!

Here are some fire pictures to get you "lit up"...............

ENJOY your last day of 2014.  
WELCOME 2015 as a new year, a new outlook, a new challenge, new thinking, new feeling, new beginnings.  Don't make resolutions - make some REVOLUTIONS to your life and see how quickly things move for you.  

One day at a time.
Starts with a spark.


WEDDING TEASERS part 2 - from the "surprise!!!! your shooting a courthouse wedding day", wedding! :)

I was called out last minute to capture this wedding day.  It just so happened the bride was in the previous day's wedding and her fiance was leaving in about 2 weeks to be shipped out.  I was brought in the evening before and headed out to start working when I found out the lead photographer that was hired was in a car wreck!  I took the lead and captured the day as I would normally - leaving no detail behind!!!  :)  I'm so thankful to have met all these folks and that I could help them on their special day!!! It is a great great thing!!!!

thanks you guys!!!

See you in the New Year!!! WHAT AN AMAZING YEAR!!!!!!

WEDDING TEASERS! from the Steampunk themed wedding!!!

Was so fortunate to work with these folks!!!!  I have much more to come, but here are some of the teasers from Janice's bridals AND their wedding day!!! They went ALL IN!!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Changing your perspective! - via a Hot Air Balloon ride...

Flight conducted by Sheldon of
I recently had the pleasure of soaring above in the Las Vegas desert.  Your perspective on life and environment can completely change in a matter of seconds when you let yourself into the experience of flight.

The environment was peaceful and quiet without anxiety or fear of heights.  The pilot was extremely passionate and knew everything he needed to know to help steer the balloon and LAND the balloon!  The only thing was - we didn't have a guaranteed landing spot.  Go figure!  When you fly a balloon you literally have to "go with the flow" until you find the spot where you can safely land.  They had a crew chasing us over streets in the city following us til it was time for our landing.  They work together as a unit to help us ALL have a great experience.  It was sooooo fun!

I deeply DEEPLY LOVE symbolism in my life!  I look for meaningful TANGIBLE experiences to encourage me on my personal journey.  This was no different to me!

Here are at least TWO things I learned about perspective while flying in a balloon:  

Looking down into the basket.
 #1 - Be at PEACE with your pace! - when riding in the balloon you have to stand in the basket for about an hour and be ok with it.  You will also probably have other people sharing this experience with you.  Stand with them.  Be in that moment and float free-er than you have EVER!  Embrace the peace that comes with "going with the wind".

The pilot and crew of Vegas Balloon Rides!
 #2 - Trust your PILOT!  (and crew) - While it may not always be EASY we need to learn to trust others for the ultimate direction of our lives.  Your pilot KNOWS what he is doing.  Your pilot is PASSIONATE about your experience on this journey.  Your pilot CARES about where you are going and where you can land safely.  He lights the FIRES and takes you up high into the sky!!!!!

There are a gazillion more things you can LEARN from these experiences...but I wanted to share TWO of them with you.  I encourage you to experience this for yourself and find out what you FIND out about yourself or your life.  
Pre-flight - getting "warmed up" and ready to fly!!!!!

I want to thank you ALL for a great 2014.  This, so far, has been a great journey of purpose, love, creativity and connection.  I have had a BLAST getting to know some of you and look forward to the dreams of 2015.  I hope your dreams come to pass and that the deepest DESIRES of your hearts come into reality.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a GLORIOUS Happy New Year! 


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dream USA Destination - CONTEST!

I am scheming something interesting for 2015.  What is YOUR favorite USA destination - and WHY?

Contest winner willlll get a nice surprise.  TEE HEE.

RULES:  for 2015 giveaway

-somewhere you have never been but want to visit
-must happen on a short weekend trip (sorry this time, no Hawaii) 
-USA residents only (this time) 
-what SIGHT would you see - specifically?