Thursday, February 28, 2013

SUNDAY!!!! see you there!

Here is the flyer that has been going around......
I hope to see you there!

I'm so excited to do my little table meet new faces, shake hands and smile!
I'm going to wear my fabulous green dress that I had sewn for NY Fashion Week.

I cannot wait to share the love. :)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alone - Artwork by Emotion - 2/26/13

I have moments where I truly feel UTTERLY alone.
The moments of silence all around me...feels just like, ALONE to me.
I have moments of clarity and I have moments of despair...that seemingly float in and out in the matter of minutes.  I've enjoyed these 36 years on know myself better...and where and when to truly ask for truth and seek and open and sit and stand. 

In all truth, this is the 3rd round/draft of the photo. I wanted the dress to me a little "flowy" without being whispy.  There is a still a slight structure to it, but in the end...I blend in with the atmosphere.  It is bright, it is light...I'm floating in the sky...alone. 

Now, mind you -  I know i'm not 100% alone - but the FEELING of alone-ness gets to me sometimes.  Matter of fact, great art comes from these moments.

Then I plug in my workout DVD and Chalene tells me to ENCOURAGE MYSELF....

and so i do..................

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

and then there was MORE LOVE!!!!

Spent quite a few hours today shooting for these fun bouquets....I had a BLAST styling and watching things unfold slowly and surely as we captured each look and each idea.  It was nice to have a lot of ideas to run through....lots of hard work and makeup applications....working through posing and showing off the blingage of these bouquets. :)  I literally gave out every bit of energy I had...and left feeling very accomplished.  I can't wait to dive into these images and truly make some amazing artwork. :) 

Sometimes, you get into the moment...and then just feel like passing out from all the awesome....

If my hubby was not snoring, i would be asleep. <3 :)

ENJOY these sneaky peakys!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Whaddup sunday!!!!!!

Today's a good day, enjoying the crazee awesome weather and had some great times shooting some wild & creative bouquets. I can't wait to dive more into these images...but for now - you only get teasers. :)  

You can also tune into my VLOG channel and get caught up! My goal is to do something every day....even if itz silly or weird or random.  I really do like sharing and conversing...and I'm going to do my best to get out there and share, talk, and inspire a little bit. :)

Hope you are having a fun weekend...enjoy the last 30 minutes! HAH!


Friday, February 22, 2013

First VLOG from Pink Light....

I've kinda always wanted to do little quick vids....just to kinda open up the world that is the creative one full of weirdness, thoughts, ideas...sillyness and more.

So today, i did #1...................

For those that weren't able to make the open house...I wanted to show a bit of inspiration!  I've been having lots of fun really taking in artwork and making it my own. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot Pink Hummer Self Portrait.

I'll be honest - at first...i didn't even THINK about taking a picture inside this monster HOT PINK hummer (bachelorette party) - but it occurred to me...that when would i get to do this again? I furiously dug my camera BACK out again....and first started with self-timed much so the driver wondered if i was ok. (i was bouncing back & forth)....then i noticed after a moment that the ceiling had mirrors (crappy ones) but mirrors nonetheless. So I just did it. I pointed that stupid flash all over the place to try to find the right angle. hahaah! YEA RIGHT. Eventually i got a few that seemed ok. Then I'm home....all day...thinking to myself I feel really rusty and NEWBIE at this new computer. I've been playing on this thing a lot, but haven't really put it in the ringer with CS6 (p.s. i was very comfy with cs3)....and all that crap that comes Creative Cloud. i'm playing...and realized i have a lot to absorb just in some of the subtle arts i make. The simple things like minimize/maximizing images so i can work side by side has changed...i had to youtube how to fix that. All is well now. I've talked enough - but anyways. Hope yall are doing super great today. Don't mind me, i'm in a rambling mood.
  The hummer

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In the silence....

I know that a lot of times life just gets quiet, maybe TOO QUIET.....
Maybe your too busy to slow down to see it....but for those of us that are sitting in the QUIET trust that God has a gets kinda boring...less than motivating...and uncomfortable.

I don't like talking about it too much to people that won't get it - but I always seem to have divine conversations when the time is right...and I can share everything I felt over a period of time.  I'm thankful I have some friends out there that KNOW they are not alone.

YOU are not alone.
If you are feeling exhausted, dragged out tired....take a moment to STOP and reconnect to what truly matters.  I mean, really MATTERS.  You may be running around like the energizer bunny....stomping to the beat of your own drum - but what if the best music is silence?

I think we all need a period of silence at some point.

So embrace it....don't give up.....and don't let negative thoughts rule you.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Share the love!

It is ok! :) SHARE IT.

I made this in honor of LOVE WEEK.....
I mean, i know i try all year to show the love...but  i felt i wanted to make something that was flowing outwards this week...had a lot of amazing things happen amidst many negative things going on....

I'm back home, and ready to take the next couple of weeks head on!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The NEW YORK Dream Center....

I have begun the process of the NEW YORK DREAM CENTER project!!!!
There is still a ton of work to do and HOPE to spread in the New York City area for the Hurricane Sandy victims.  I've met a handful of people recently doing a lot of work in Staten Island and the Rockaways.  The Dream Center is no different! They are doing their part with what they can to reach out and help!  I'm so excited to have this opportunity to go!!!! Here is a more descriptive NOTE about my passion and my dreams....

So, you may remember last year...that I was able to partake in the trip to the LA Dream Center in the city of Los Angeles and the things we did to impact the community and meet the needs.

THIS YEAR, due to an inkling and a seed that was planted, we are now going to the
My experience last year was more the revealing about my purpose here on earth and what I feel I'm called to do.  I traveled more last year than I have in my lifetime.  I have grown up driving across the country and living in places, cities and homes of all shapes and sizes.  I know what it means to be with AND without.  I know how to smile, hug and love people with just being me.

In October 2012 when the Hurricane was hitting NYC, I was in Las Vegas with friends from NYC.  I felt that how fitting I was able to be joyful while still be sorrowful for my *family* in New York.  All I could think of was everyone I know up there...and how could I help!!??!!!  Well, the timing was not right for me to go right away.  When I found out the dates for the trip, I was ecstatic.  It is really happening!!!!!  I feel there is still so much to do for the folks of NY and NJ hit by the storms.  I’ll be doing a pre-liminary trip in February (as a personal trip)….but my ultimate goal is to be SENT to the NEW YORK DREAM CENTER.

Las Vegas 2012, the week that Sandy happened.  I'm hanging with my NY friends and both happy and sad that the things were happening.  I wanted to go right away to help!!!!

 The trip is a total of $900 with a $200 deposit due on Feb 15th.  Should you like to JOIN ME in this adventure (which will have pictures and blogs)….please consider teaming up with me to SEND ME to the place that I’m passionate about.  I feel like my whole JOURNEY of my purpose in life has lead to these past few years...of BEING in the places I'm supposed to make a difference. :)

I just came back home from NYC this past weekend which just so happened to have the NEMO Blizzard happen where my friends were challenged in various ways, but still able to push through with hope!
I walked around (on purpose) during the Friday nite blizzard - to experience NEVER GIVING UP.  I was able to meet Kenley Collins of Project Runway and spend a few hours really excited to be able to be in the right places at the right times.
I was also able to connect to my local friends and really have a great time, despite all the storms against us.  Isn't that AMAZING!!!??!!!!  God has SO MANY PLANS for me...and you!

I encourage you, if God has put dreams in YOUR heart, you need to go do them - DESPITE any blizzard that comes your way.

The beginnings of NEMO....the blizzard

All payments will be made again to:  Freedom Life Church – I’ll have more info as I get it, but the deposit is basically due almost immediately.  I feel like trip was definitely designed for me – nothing can express the feeling in my heart…EVERY TIME I go there.  Thanks for considering to help me in the quest, and I’m excited to share everything with you as it comes in!!!!!

The next day....viewing from Manhattan to Queensboro Bridge towards Roosevelt Island :)

MORE INFO about the Dream Center:

TO DONATE ONLINE:   (tax deductible)  Online FORM for Donations

Please put ATTENTION: to Jennifer Sulak when donating to ensure all the funds go to my portion of the trip. 

updated payment schedule:  (i wanted to get the cheapest!)
Option I:
     Register and Pay $200 Deposit by February 15, 2013
     Payment #2: $250 by March 4, 2013
     Payment #3: $250 by April 4, 2013
     Final Payment $200 by April 25, 2013

Much Love,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Abandoned Glove......

I had this funny idea while walking around in the blizzard...I started seeing random abandoned gloves...i think...really truly, if i had watched even more closely...i would have found more...but for now, i found 3. :)

I like finding "random" themes when capturing details and journeys.
Since the DFW does NOT get this weather...we wouldn't see a lot of single gloves out there on the streets....

So here we go.......................

the first one! walking down the street to find Serendipitiy...after the tram.
On the way "home" to NJ - i spotted this final glove in Queens.
Here is another one i found right next to the entrance to the subway...later that nite it was COVERED in snow.  You can see the snow collecting on the ground here. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dreams come true! YET AGAIN.

Long story short, I've been following Kenley's work for a very long time - since her debut on Project Runway...and also on the all-stars...she is just an overall great designer with a love for fashion and a passion for working hard and getting things done.  I was very fortunate to catch a flyer on her page that said she would be performing with her band - but everything was cancelled because of the NEMO blizzard.  However, she still showed up at the bar and partied and celebrated her birthday. :)  She IS just that fabulous in person.  It was adorable to meet her and spend some time chatting and laughing.   I got to wear my "blended" upside down victorian mermaid dress to the bar...and feel like a girl for a while.  It was good to be in good company - especially since her hair had turned pink recently....and it seemed fitting that my pink hair fit right in as well. :) AWW is all I can say.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This is THE point of view.

THIS is where everything makes sense, It is NOT is so high up ALL YOU SEE is light. There are no storm clouds here, there are no birds. Just you and the atmosphere of light. THIS is what i love.

Monday, February 4, 2013

OPEN HOUSE success!!!!!

So, I managed to have a little open house today....and yea...boy did I not realize it was super bowl sunday. LOL!!!! But thatz ok, we don't really follow instead we took some time to create and make some fun times and THANK some clients with some open creative time....I'm very very THANKFUL for each person that has been a part of my journey.  I'm sure by now, maybe you got an email...a FB blast...or a card in the mail.  Thank you, THANK YOU.  From 2006 and have all been a part of this. :) 

So, today was quite many ways...we are celebrating new studio changes....and rejoicing in paying our house off.  It was a plan that began over 7 years ago...and that dream too, came to a reality that has me and my husband very "now what!" :)  It has been an up and down journey but the END of all this...I see the much huger picture....<3 :)  And, I love my husband even MORE dearly. 

Part of my inspiration too...came from last nite -  i was surfing through some vintage clothing I was given a few months ago...and really SEEKING an outfit to wear this weekend to the fashion show with ENV New York.  As i was playing around i got a great vision of a dress as a merge between the two i was wearing...and today, I was able to speak to one of my clients to help me make it happen.  She does some sewing herself...and we are going to make it happen!!!! OH YESSSS :)

I can't wait to share is going to be unbelievable!!!!  I will be wearing it Friday Nite....and showing off a great concept/dream...and all in all - AMAZING style and freshness for myself.  Plus, another one of my FAVORITE colors....GREEN <3 :) 

Stay tuned much more to come....

I will also share highlights soon from my celebration today.

Thanks everyone for believing in me.... I believe in YOU!