Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We hope you have an AMAZING Thanksgiving week.  I cannot tell you how THANKFUL I am for all of you that I have met these last 6-7 years of my business.  Every person has helped me grow, learn and BE all I am supposed to be.  I'll never stop being THANKFUL for every single person that has come across my path.  You have all had a piece in my heart when I create art for you and I never forget that. 

I hope you enjoy the Pink Light Images photos FOREVERRRRRR. 

Make some GREAT memories for the rest of the year...and capture it, print it and re-visit your life for years to come.  We hope to see you soon and enjoy your week!!!!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Feature in Cloud Orchid Magazine, Fall 2013 - "Evolution" series.

FIRST:  I am thankful to have met the crew of Cloud Orchid last year when they were starting out on this adventure.  I have an appreciation for folks that dive into their arts and ALSO appreciate and celebrate the arts and fashion of others.  I have been featured several times and this time is no different!

Thank you Cloud Orchid for believing in me and publishing me!

SECOND:  The model Jane Love has been an exceptional artist in my life.  Since our meetings in the last year we have done nothing but have lots of fun and make great art.  I like when people work hard and it SHOWS in how professional they are in making the craft.  Her experience shows and the ability to be a kind of chameleon is such an artist dream.  I'm proud to share the magazine spread with her! THIS ROCKS!!!!

THIRD:  To After Dark Education - the EVENT that started it all.  I have met some pretty awesome people since going for the first time in 2012 and have never regretted a single moment of my path since then.  Without THAT experience I would not come this far into my journey, my adventure and my art.

Thank you ALL!

Much Love to you,  Pink Light Images
You inspire me.
You are dream makers.

This series was inspired by the opening film-atic scene of RESIDENT EVIL: Afterlife

Here is what inspired it all - a few moments of opening scene gave me inspiration for fun, transformation and fashion.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A super super super NERDY nite!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, i logged onto twitter and Wil Wheaton was having ppl photoshop his face into whatever...using a green screen image and then some.  I thought HEY that looks like so much fun...i'm pretty nerdy about both movies/tv/things and trek - i figured why not! HAHAAHAHAH!!!

There were quite a few images he liked from the bunch!!!!!
This had to be my FAV though!!!!

I'm not sayin they are super perfect- but he FIT RIGHT IN to the ghostbusters mix. hheheeheh!!!  Then i just logged into my account again...not realizing that ERNIE HUDSON had favorited it hahahah!!!! I about fell over!!!!

I have had so much fun tonite! So many people had some great ideas...I'm sure the tumblr is about to BLOW UP !!!!!!!!!!


have a fantastic weekend!!!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Herez the new beginnings of new ideas!

I have been messing around with a lot of ideas lately....and in bringing together all the things i've ever done artiscally - I figured today was a great day to get some play-time.  I had a list of errands to run today...only to find out that it was Veteran's day.  I figured - today is a day like no other to dedicate to a few moments of creative time before I begin some of my day chores.  So I'm taking some pieces of drawings that I've done over the years...and playing with my photography concepts.  I've always wanted to do this - just hadn't sat down and done it.

Herez to many more!
This is only a beginning....

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lovely wedding out near Quinlan TX!!!! - Outdoor turned barn...ending with a MOON. :)

This was a sooooooooooooo unique wedding - not only because of the location - but cause of the RAGING STORM OUTSIDE!!!!!  We had a torrential downpour the day of that forced the ceremony into the barn instead of outside in the nature!  I remember when we drove down the driveway - we kept thinking maybe it would go away?  It did not! Everything was moved indoors - and we ended up in the barn with both reception and ceremony in the same place. :)

When we got there early to do a bit of scouting we could SEE the rain coming down the driveway before it hit that area I was standing.  I had never done that before - actually WATCHED the rain move towards us. ;0  We had a blast trying to work in between the main house and the barn to get as many pictures done as possible!

One of the other unique things I thought were so great was the hourglass ceremony.  It reminded me of the unity sand or unity candle - but in an hourglass.  There was a topper and everything!

The colors, the decor were gorgeous...and the weather? It stopped raining but it felt amazing temp wise!!!  By the time nite came, I requested a few moments from the couple and we were able to explore some night images that I was just EAGER to capture!!! The moon clouds were AMAZING!!!!  You can see the variety of outdoor nite images I was able to play with.  I typically work with MINIMAL equipment - so what you see is what you get and I had a lot of lighting to play with at this venue!

The night ended with the tossing of black eyed peas and the final moments of dancing and fun.  We had a blast with this family and hope they enjoy their pictures for years and years to come!!! Thank you!

The Barn - "Simple Elegance"
The grandmother performing the ceremony.
well hello fun wedding party picture! :) eheheheheh
We were catching some of the sunset on the property - it was very very pretty.
Stole a few moments with the barn spotlight!!! Her dress, UH-mazing!
"Nu-uh! WITH YOUR TEETH!!!" ---The Bride
Moon Moments.
A night image outside the barn in the spotlight and outdoor lights. :)
And here are a few more collage highlights from their day!!!! CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!!!

Adventure time: Checkerboard Flooring.

So, after kinda wandering around online while waiting for images to copy/download....I took a few minutes to do a quick concept that I had in my mind with my new checkerboard flooring.  I had bought it for my bridal shows because I felt that the floors just needed a "stand out" feel.  I've always love the checkerboard look.  (or chess).

So tonite I wanted to explore my legs only.  I had gone to the local party city and grabbed checkered tights...and was determined, eventually to capture the both together.

It just so happens that my LOVELY friend Hallie left her petticoats here too - so i used the black petticoat!  So tights/petticoat and floor....and a camera. :)

As of right now this is roughly version 3 or 4.  If you get to know me well enough - sometimes it can take up to 9 version of an idea to get something I will feel strongly about.  Right now....I'm still working on it.  I think it can be improved - but also can be ok AS IS. :)

Thanks so much to Brooke Shaden yet again for always reading my creative "mail"....everyday she posts something relevant to the creative life - like a livestream right into the heart and soul of what i'm trying to accomplish.  So greatful!!!!


1st of many of a series i'm going to try.  THANK YOU!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inspired by Inspiration part 2. - the "Breakdown" of the vision.

I just finished reading MeRa's blog about her starting an art class.  I think because I grew up DOING art...I can relate to the process a little more that way.  I also know that my pencil/pen/painting doodles were merely me passing time and expressing myself as I went through life.  I still have many of them hanging in my home.  I don't have anywhere else to HANG them! :)

So to get where I'm going - read THIS blog entry...and then i'll talk about MY part as well that I related to:
MeRa Koh: "How to draw a siamese cat"

When I read this, I could relate off the bat because many years ago, probably 10 or so I was going through my phase of seeking again.  I took an art class locally in continuing education.  I believe it was a still-life class in which we drew various objects and learned about shading, details and which pencils to use where/when.

I have great drawings on paper of white on white objects (where it was all about shading only)...and a few other fun things.  But eventually the teacher was like.... "OK!!! our final project is drawing from a photograph!".  But what she didn't say right away is that it would be OUR FACES!!!! Yes, indeed.  We took pictures and printed out a 4x6 or 5x7 - I don't remember which - and we had to draw our HEADS.

What I remember briefly about mine is that we had a grid that we laid on top of the image so we could break it up into squares.  This made the task actually EASIER to comprehend in stages for me.  I looked at my picture and my face and thought, WOW, am I really going to do this?  I have a foggy memory about it but I realized that as we went box to box...I could see the picture starting to form.  We had laid out the foundations...lightly sketched our grid onto the paper and box by box...we filled it in.

The part where I freaked out the MOST was when I got to my eyes.  By the time I left the 2nd class session I was starting to see myself STARING back from the paper and it freaked me out.  A few people would come over and comment and I would say YEA I'm creeped out by me staring at ME!!!!!!!  Bit by bit...I worked through the eyebrows...the eyes...the mouth....the nose....and I just looked at this 10 minutes ago.  I even filled in the details of my EARRINGS to perfection . Every DETAIL about my image was on that paper.  In that moment, I was clear.

I don't have any of the old pictures of the process - but i do have the final result. :)

You can see WHY I got freaked out by staring at it. :)

May 2000 - Art Drawing Class - CCCCD
 Every once in a while I glance locally at the classes going on and wonder ....what other new thing could I try that would enhance the creativity inside? <3  I've done arts, sewing and even took an archery class.  I hope I find that next fun thing soon....I could use a break from the norm! :)  I have been learning a LOT....and celebrating how far i've come.  I hope you do the same today!


Love Jen

Inspired by Inspiration. - Art here and Art there.

Here recently I was a part of the Girlfriends retreat in which me and some ladies that i knew or didn't know went away for a couple of days and did some out-of-routine activities to really do something new and learn something new. 

We did our version of the "Paint with a Twist" where we took our personal vision of a tree....and painted what our trees would look like with leaves/fruit/backgrounds.

I was brought in to guide everyone through the process...and it helped that I had just been through that process in the spring so  I could help break it down and lead everyone through the basics.  We had 2 examples of 2 very different trees and how God used us to speak about those trees.  Tawana's tree - she kept trying to get it to look one way and it always came out so different and she wanted someone else's tree.  She had the same tools as her friend, but always seemed to get that same result.  A tree that in some ways was representing her personality. My tree was something that the example I was painting from had SO much detail - but I ended up with super large extensions of that same look - but nowhere near the fine details of the original picture.

My painting from April 2013 - the "process" :) - the top right has the original picture.

My tree example, was a result of picking a picture of my own choice at the place and then following the instructions of the art lady to start with the background first.  I knew the background was just as important as the tree!  I took everyone through the background phase with the ideas if anything goes!  Water, Sky...GRASS!  Whatever you wanted or saw...you could do. :)  The results from everyone were vastly different from anything I've ever seen! It was super super fun.  My tree ended up a tad bushy and full - a little billowy and fluffy. :)  I called it almost a tree afro - my hair is naturally curly - so i have a coarse textured hair anyways.  It makes sense and speaks to me.

Each lady had their own process.  Some fast and furious...other meticulous and questioning everything along the way.  I stopped myself to let myself visualize where I was going.  It was different than any other tree i've ever done.  When the final times came for us to be done and lay it out for the final drying phase...we took a few moments to look at each other's trees and really see what spoke to us about our tree and others' trees.  The results were all soooo different and unique that it couldn't have been more beautiful!  :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures of us doing our thing!  You can see truly how each lady brought out their own personality. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

....intimate Venetian style wedding with a Gondola getaway! sooo muuuuch LOVE!!!! - TEASERS :)

My weekend was filled with so much love and fun.
I loooove celebrating with couples as they start their marriage with a celebration!

This was definitely a family affair down to the details and everyone involved....had so much fun with one of my past brides and her family...i'm blessed to have great referrals and lovely decorated places to photograph!  This wedding took us to Las Colinas so we could enjoy a touch of Venetian style...and our final capture was a Gondola getaway....it was certainly an experience I enjoyed!!!  Looking forward to sharing more with you!!!

A few moments with the girls:  Venetian Terrace, Las Colinas Canal
Lovely wedding party! : Venetian Terrace, Las Colinas Canal
Quiet Moments: Venetian Terrace Wedding, Las Colinas Canal
The Gondola Getaway - Venetian Terrace, Las Colinas Canal

.........ah LOVE!!!! - the Bradford Wedding - TEASERS!!!!

There is nothing I enjoy more than a great party!  These families had a lot of fun...and a LOT of great times!  I can't wait to share more with you as time goes on!! For now, here are some teasers of the couple and their love.  Have a great trip on your honeymoon you two!!!

Granville Arts Center, Garland
Granville Arts Center, Garland TX
Bridals at the Granville Arts Center, Garland TX