Friday, February 20, 2015

Restore Hope Ministries and special guest speaker Miss Kay

We're all here to learn from each other AND teach each other....for me...i won't turn down any opportunities to meet and work with people of all kinds....

I think the greatest words she had to share today was simply about finding HOPE....which was fitting because "Restored Hope" seems like an action statement to me...we have options to have HOPE restored to unbearable situations...and folks that have been through WAY more things than I have.

I can't even begin to judge someone based on a glimpse of actions or words...I choose to look a little deeper...especially when I get the opportunity and take the time. I have always been that way. I was the girl always picked on because i was new. I was the girl who had the ONE friend (in every school i attended as a child) that took the time to get to know me (and i them) is when we do that...we see the beauty in ALL OF US.

Have a super friday!!!!

from the luncheon of Restored Hope Ministries - so excited to have been a small part of a huge day.
Photography: ~Pink Light Images~

Directors: Sam and Sherry Pollinzi

Go see today what you can do here in Dallas-Fort Worth to help!

Thanks to Sam for letting me volunteer my time & talent for this!!!! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

BOLDLY going where no one has gone before.... 2 things I learned from STAR TREK!!!!!

nichelle nichols dallas comicon pink light images
Photo: Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015

 2 things I learned about life from Star Trek

To BOLDLY go where no one has gone before....

These words ring out from the TV screen every single episode.  The original series of course had a slightly different word, but the truth remained - they were BOLDLY going somewhere.  They were BOLDLY going into the unknown and uncharted territory. 
This rings more true to me than EVER for 2015!  I am personally doing more things in the unknown than ever before and it is quite scary!  Have you been on a journey into the unknown for yourself?  How did you feel? 
One thing that takes me back to the sense of ADVENTURE in all of this is Star Trek.  One of my childhood favorites.  I had the pleasure to do a photo opp with Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura in the Original series.  I was SO excited to meet her in those brief seconds!  I felt as if she was a wise person who lived not only on the show but beyond that into the road she has walked and the things she may have faced.  I am so glad I made the effort and "trek" to go see her! :)   Seeing someone's heart as a WHOLE is a treasure.  How often do we really stop to enjoy the adventure and see the hearts of those we meet? 

Here are 2 things I learned about LIFE from Star Trek....

Models: Becky Heath - Destiny Lenora - Styling/MUA by Becca Jett  Photo: Pink Light Images
 You will meet the most unlikely of friends!  In the many adventures they encountered so many different people, species and aliens.   I found that in those adventures they found friendship, love and challenges within each scenario.  In your life, you too will have opportunities to meet people that seem like unlikely friends...but taking the time to get to know them - you can have a deeper understanding and connection to them AND yourself.   
(the joke in this image is that the starfleet officer and the Borg were getting along)  lol!!! 
 #2 - NEW worlds!
Model: Carrie Sumner  MUA: Kanixa Branch  Photography: Pink Light Images

When you step out of your comfort zone you encounter a new world... a new challenge!  The atmosphere you step into could be easy or a bit harsh.  You could need a space suit or be ok breathing the air of this new space!  The point is to BOLDLY step out and embrace what is set before you to EXPLORE and let yourself learn and grow through the new environment.  You have what it get to EXPLORING!  Experience the awe and wonderment and all the emotions that come with it!  


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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some pictures from Comic Con - Fan days!

So all the hard work was put into action!!!!
The work i put into the Destiny costume was finally realized and I loved it.  I loved that some people knew EXACTLY what i was...and were marveled at the mirrored mask.  Me too, after all...itz super neato! 

The only difference was..I realized no one could see my eyes, my face or my I was freaking a lot of people out.  It was awesome. :)  Some of the time I would just walk around with the helmet on my hand...and other times on my head. :)  I had a great time and looking forward to ADDING to the costume for may!!!!!!

Here are some pics.
All design and inpspiration:  Pink Light Images
Inspired by: Destiny - Guardian of the Light!

Destiny Video Game.....Apotheosis Veil inspiration!!!! :)
I can't wait to add to this in May!!! It is going to rock!!!!

Have a super week everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

There are a lot of "FIRSTS" in the first parts of the year!!!!

The making of a Destiny inspired outfit - with emphasis on the Apotheosis Veil :)

I have been SO EXCITED to see how this year is shaping out.  I have spent a good portion of January offline and letting myself create, see and hear differently.  I can see how my perspective almost immediately can change when I remove distractions (forcefully) from my life.  I have a lot of things cooking that I'm really excited about as well as moving into some new ideas and directions for my life.  I have this huge underlying passion to CONNECT and INSPIRE other people, but also remain who I am...and being real.  I like the exploration of the dark side and the light side.  I like knowing that I'm allowed to feel distress, but not let it take over my life.  I like that I need to learn how to let love rule in my heart so I can also love others.

On the non-deep, but fun side...I have been working really really hard on a project for comicon.  I've never done anything THIS grand before in my costuming or outfits.  Sometimes I don't create unless I have a MISSION to complete WITH that creation!  Well, here we are...the weekend of the Fan Expo of the Dallas Comicon....and I have mostly completed by Destiny inspired outfit!!!!!

I can' wait to share the FULL pictures with you...but for is where I have come from....

pre-liminary ideas - found and borrowed items.
just to give you an idea....i really dig most of the looks in Destiny.....but found my inspiration to build from!

from a child's thor costume
this is me testing the metal framing.
my main inspiration was the mirrored mask part....the rest I'm trying to fill in as i stay close to the main design...
decided to make the pleats...because the side picture showed ridges!
making the "ear" pieces...i sprayed them copper
the "framing" for the helmet - weather stripping & something cheap at craft store - a rope like thing.
realizing i cut them all wrong..i'm putting it together the best i can...
how i underglued felt so the fabric wouldn't melt...yes, i did that a LOT just making the pleats!
used a youtube for the cardboard/masking tape frame - the mask was my main inspiration
for the gauntlets - my interpretation of it anyways.
a more finished look for them!
my first BURN.
see how it all comes together??? WOW!
Now, i'm added the back piece to smooth out my mess.
Had a coupon for mechanic gloves...and these are the gauntlets
back end of my MESS :)  dont' worry i fix it.
this turned out SO GOOD from the side!!!!

my solution for the AMAZING details on the works!
during the last segment...i completely burned my middle finger so can see the blister. :)
Thank you for stopping by!!! This has been a BLAST!!!! I can't wait to update you all on the final FINAL outfit and product....but just making the helmet was AMAZING!!!!! Hard work & determination! WOW! haahahahhaah :)  I have much much respect for fashion and costume designers.  Always have!!!!