Monday, July 29, 2013

Rest in everlasting PEACE Kidd Kraddick AND a cameo on the Travel Channel!

I have more than enough GREAT WORDS to say about Kidd Kraddick and how loving and caring of a person he was.  I was always greeted with a smile when i stood outside the canal studio....I bothered him for years for blue man events and fun things.  I got ENGAGED on his show in 2004 live on the air and thanks to my coworker and life-long friend I have the audio.  :)

I have to stop and say THANK YOU Kidd Kraddick for inspiring us all to give a bit more and keep laughing....I'll never ever forget you!!!!

I packed my shirt and I'm ready for NYC this week!  KEEP LOOKIN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, another sidenote - today was a day full of crazee awesome.

I shot a wedding today with a tag-along-crew for the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress"'ll have to stay tuned for future to see how all that turns out . :) Her story is inspiring....and it is something to be said for those fighting cancer. :P  I'm glad to have been a part.....

MEANWHILE, same 9pm the Fandemonium show premiered on the Travel Channel...and I'm always excited to see a show from Adam Richman because we do love his personality and the fun he has eating crazee foods. :)

So, their crew showed up at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in April.  I was capturing 2 weddings that entire day...and guess what?  We saw their crew standing at the gate of the garden! It was sooooo cool.  At the time, I had no idea what it was I kept asking :)  Eventually one of my brides posted the info on what it was and i'm happy to say...WE WERE FEATURED ....well, we had a CAMEO! AHAHAHH!!!! You can see a small segment of me working the wedding of Lauren and James. <3 :)  It was beyond exciting!!!!!  I was mourning and then I'm celebrating!

I"m so thankful for all these opportunities.

Stay tuned for what is next for us....i'm sure we'll have more surprises as this year goes on....there is something about TIMING....when you work hard, stay faithful, stay strong...and GRAB your opportunitites without fear or can find yourself in fun places...meeting great people and having lots of fun.  All the sweat and tears are worth it <3 :)


Monday, July 22, 2013

Don't be afraid to ASK! Don't be afraid to SAY your needs!

I know I've seen and done a lot of things in my life....

I've shyed away from opportunities because of fears....all kinds of fears....

Here lately, I'm dropping that ball and just being really bold about either asking or when someone is ASKING something to me, I want to be prepared to ANSWER.  I've been a part of a lot of coaching this bring myself to a healthy approach to my DREAMS.

Our hearts are so complicated....our minds non-stop with desires, thoughts, things, cobwebs....and some of it is good for us and some of it simply destroys us inside.  Cleaning up the mind, is about the best first step you can take to start your journey to the dreams you hold within.

It is like this GREAT treasure chest....literally, inside your *chest* are treasures. :)  Our bodies are so multi-functional and complex...that I don't see how we don't stop for a moment and just go....


But we just don't.  We think that being *wow'd* doesn't matter.  Well, it does....

I got WOW'd today because I've had a worry on my mind for weeks now....when I reached for a dream, GRABBED IT and then started thinking about all the little details that go with it.

In the end....I voice what I was needing...I did this several times...and in the moments I least expect - I get a notification and a question to be answered.  So I answered it.

BAM.  dream come true.

I know that God knows what we need, but we need to use our mouths more!
Be even MORE specific than before....then sit and wait...keep doing your every day living, get your daily walk with God...shoot, skip around if you need to - but don't worry THAT much about that one thing.

God WILL take care of it.

Even if it is something you are NOT supposed to have....he'll help you be ok with letting it go.

For me, I had a vision of standing in a place I've never been to.  Upon receiving the DREAM into my mind/heart....I immediately saw myself standing somewhere in my mind's eye.  I have never done that before.  I have never had such a realistic vision just pop up! It was so neat.  This was way before I even filled my mind with images of this place...and started looking around...studying maps...and thinking about the culture.  I was THERE. :)

And so....I will be for real, very soon. :)

Don't ever give up on your dreams, big and small!

Continuously put yourself out there in the midst of things that humble you....

and that will take me to part 2.....

stay tuned.

here is a HINT......................................and no, it is not Vegas and no, it is not Texas.....coming soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Carter-Westlund Wedding!!!!!

I have been slowly and steadily working on these images from Ryan and Kari's wedding! I was soooooo very honored to capture their day as they had specific ideas and things in mind for their images.  We talked in much detail about the venue, the reception and the family photos!!!  All in all, I've been so happy to share the LOVE I captured in so many of these images.  I can't explain it all, but you saw it AND felt it the entire time we were all there! Thanks Ryan and Kari for trusting me with your special day!!!!!

And now, more art!!!! (more to come of course)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, here i come.

For those of you following this around....I've been doing a few adventures here and there in NEW YORK one of my most favorite places to visit.  In February my goals were to attend a fashion show in which the NEMO BLIZZARD wiped out most of what I was planning to do.  However I did get to meet Kenley of Project Runway and that made up for it! hhaha!!!  In May, I made my way to brooklyn to attend and support Kenley's PINK LADY line and had a blast taking pictures and having fun over there.  It was my first time to really explore the Brooklyn area a bit more.  (such a HUGE CITY!!!!)  Plus, an added bonus of Montauk and Long Island.  Crazee, i know! :)

Next up for me and NEW YORK CITY is the time I'm spending with the Dream Center.  Fully funded by my supporters and friends I'm about to fly there for about a week to do some community work with them and my team from the local church I attend.  Last year's success with the LA Dream Center definitely helped me to DREAM BIGGER for myself as well as seeing others dream big too.  It has been a blessing to know more people and see more of people's hearts.

As an added bonus - I received word that some of my photography will be featured in a NYC exhibition literally STARTING when I get there for the Dream Center.  I figured it could not have been planned any better...I'm amazed how God works things out...and all the struggles, pains and frustrations have been worth the wait of my blossoming and flourishing at this time in my life.  I think what is most important for me as a person and artist is sharing my work and point of view, but really I want to inspire people to search and walk their OWN PATH instead of wishing and dreaming of "one day".  Your day can be right now....I just encourage to start WALKING.  There is so much more I could share i'm sure...but I wanted to stop, share this...and I have to keep walking foward too to prepare for what is ahead for me.  Some of my busiest times are ahead of me and I'm praying to have strength and God's help through all of this.  I can do nothing apart from HIM and his peace.  If i didn't have PEACE about everything I would not do it. 

(doesn't matter how AWESOME stuff is - no peace, no PIECE!) hahaahahah

Meanwhile, if you are traveling to NEW YORK CITY between July 25th and September 10th...please see the following INVITE to the show featuring a couple of my pieces.  Please drop a line if you go!!!! I would love to hear what you thought! It looks like it will be super fun.

INVITE: The Story of the Creative

Enjoy the rest of your week....I'm winding down with lots of family time and on my way to the next adventure!!! Peace out.

Love Jen

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Bay! we went, we conquered, we photographed things!

I wish I could show you everything we did in green bay....but we are holding back most of our images for publications and cannot be shown online anytime soon! :)  However I do have my images of us playing around and having fun...and me seeing things i've never seen. :)

I had an intense weekend on all fronts.  You know when you plan something and you strive, thrive and put together some amazing things....all of the sudden it is here and then it is gone!  Our life experiences are poofs of awesome in sections of our life.  The many peaks we travel along to get on our destiny path is limitless.  I had many personal peaks and valleys within....and came home pretty exhausted! :)  It was a good learning experience and really enjoyed being around mah fun peeps. :)  That never gets old!

I had about a 5-6 hour layover in chicago so i was able to walk that place and get some exercise....and saw a really gorgeous sunset through the window of my gate.  My last stop on my adventure in green bay was the Packers stadium! Huge thanks to Erin and all her awesome - because we saw things, we ate things and we laughed and had a great time.  I can't wait to see our final products for submission. I pushed myself as an artist and gave myself time limits of 10 minutes per person.  In this way - I could devote myself to artistic expression and "get the shot" without over-thinking.  I hope the girls love some of the images as much as me!!!! Thank you EVERYONE, and thank you Model Citizens!!!!!  Peace out.

my lovely blue man friend!

Alissa and I!

before Jane gets there, we have us!

Tworkshop behind the scenes

packers stadium!
group photo!!!!!!!!!!!

and here is the video clips!!!!!!!!!! FOR FUN