Thursday, August 27, 2015

The making of my "high fashion" styled pyramid head.

Hi everyone! Welcome to my little cosplay blog today!

I wanted to run through something VERY FUN I did for this year's comicon in addition to my Destiny Guardian!  In the matter of an afternoon - I decided to make the "travel size" version of Pyramid Head and his helmet.  The reason I made it travel size is because I was traveling to After Dark in Madison WI and I had some AMAZING ideas to turn this into a fashion style shoot!  Boy...did it ever meet my expectations!!!  Here is how I started the journey....

I never played the video game, but I did see the movies BASED on the video games!  I was completely horrified by this character!  And what I do now, is start reading back stories on who they are, their purpose and whatnot.   I found this character to be horrific, as well as a guardian of sorts.  There was a dimension that he ruled and walked in.  I found inspiration in that!  I also found LOTS of tutorials on making helmets out of cardboard and masking tape.  So when I had made my Guardian Apotheosis Veil - I took that inspiration and started making the pyramid helmet.

Here I start with a basic paper template and lots of cardboard leftovers!!!!

By day two - I had pulled out my copper spray paint and started painting everything in sight!  Based upon the pictures I looked all over my house for scrap materials and things I would have to add as details!  It just so happened that popsicle sticks, beads and cabinet liners were the perfect mish mash to create the look!

You will also notice though - I screwed up on the bottom part of the helmet.  I didn't pay attention to the "lip" of the helmet on the bottom...and so I had to re-cut and re-tape the bottom part.  Oh well, we always learn by mistakes!!!!

Spray painted everything copper!!! Found a great metallic paint!!!
Cabinet liner
Starting to hot glue and add details - except the front is really messed up here :\

Found water bottle caps, popsicle sticks and beads to make the piping.
I also found some old grommets I had laying around.
This is my first fitting - I still don't have a way to wear it yet.
It is looking pretty awesome by now!!!  Just have to fix the bottom and attach to my head!

After the most of the majority of assembly - I flattened it back out and SHOVED it into my suitcase!  I traveled on the plane with the underpiece and then modeled it on my friend Jane Love the next evening for our photo shoot.  Here are our test shots to see the whole outfit together!

Model: Jane Love
Fashion Designer: RFD by Rachel Frank
Photography: Pink Light Images

And here was my FINAL art piece that I was ENTHUSIASTIC about!!!!!

However, I was not complete - I had to complete another look I desired the next morning.  I took Chelsea over to the Capitol building and continued with the lighter high fashion version.  I was sooooo happy with how this turned out too! It was awesome! Check it out: 
Model: Chelsea Goers - dress provided by Jen Sulak
 Was deliriously happy with this travel size "suitcase" version!!! It was a great challenge and I loved working on it!!!!  

I then wore it myself to Comicon May 2015. :)  Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Creativity never stops!

So here recently I watch a model's page and she sells cool stuff.

I nabbed this AMAZING orange wig that I look forward to working with....

I decided to work with it today in between some typical housework stuff.  I've been going through a massive organization streak and getting rid of stuff.  The purchases I've made are things that inspire thinking...just GUT!!!!  I cannot wait to play with this.  I think I wish I could have long hair...but it is just too much to maintain... :) So i'm super super short...and play with wigs.

This could go so many ways...and I've been thinking about making a cosplay character inspired by this piece.  What do you think?  What characters have inspired you?  Did you create an outfit? Did you style makeup?  Let's talk!

Stay tuned later this week as I create some new things with new props I've never used.  I'm wanting to challenge myself on colors, smoky textures and new stories to tell.  I will aim to share with you soon about all this!  Thank you!

Love Jen