Friday, October 18, 2013

Day of the Dead : Collaboration with Pink Light Images and Hallie Garcia : Artist & Face Painter!

The following teaser set is the VISION of Hallie Garcia.  Her dream was to put together a "Day of the Dead" or "Dia de los Muertos" shoot involving her styling and designs of  face painting and atristry.  Below you can see the colors, textures and styling we all collaborated on.  IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!  I had already seen a few people in my life do their own sets of this theme - so it was of no surprise that we did our own to celebrate this kind of artistry.  Our original goal was TREES and FOG....but the never-ending rain threw our plans into a kind of plan B.  That is ok - we are planning part 2!

We have a lot of lovely and talented peoples in the DFW metroplex.  I'm glad to call quite a few of these ladies friends.  It has been fun putting together ideas and just having fun.  I have and keep writing down ideas that I want to accomplish for myself...and i'm knocking them out one by one.

My main goal really - NOT GET DISTRACTED.

I find that when I'm on the verge of really amazing creations - I get distracted before and I get distracted after.  I have emotional thoughts that come into my mind - and I'm getting better at fighting them - but sometimes they win.  Sometimes they don't!  I think when you stay on your path - true peace leads you.

Maybe it is because I don't mind the drama and battle within.  I would rather have a battle, than a boring life.  I may whine or complain and I may shut my mouth and just do the work.  The point is, I'm just being me.  The only ME I can be.  The ever-evolving artist expressing myself over and over and over as I jump from flower to flower or mountain to mountain.

Again, huge thanks to all the ladies that came out to play Tuesday nite.  This will be my final blog entry for the weekend as I nurse my neck and get well with these tense muscles.

Art comes from life.  Be it pain or joy.

We had a BLAST...and I hope you see it in our teaser images!!!!

Thank you, bless ya!

Much Love,Jen

Models: Carrie Sumner, Destiny Lenora, Hallie Garcia
MUA: Hallie Garcia
Styling: All of Us.
Photographer: Pink Light Images
Hair: Kat Howe

and here is the lovely quickie VLOG i put together for you today. have a great one!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super fun teaser project!!! Collaboration with Hallie Garcia!! :)

I teamed up with the LOVELY and talented Hallie Garcia - artist and face painter.
She reallllly wanted to do a Dia de Los Muertos shoot...and here we are!!!
teasers galore. :)

MORE to come.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

under the "neon moon"..................Kyle + Ashley

This is a nice wonderful LATE nite moment....after all the storms...rain....and the ceremony of love....the hourglass of time....the BBQ buffet.....i come outside and see the lovely MOON. ;)  I you are....look at each other..............and I got the venue and the moon.  I composited in a larger version, but hte small version is fun too!!! :)  I think it's dreammmmy :) 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tear sheets from Giuseppina!!!!!

I'm so excited to SHARE the lovely images of Rachel Frank and her AMAZING DESIGNS!!!!
I took the liberty of creating some art long with her stuff to fit into the magazine!

I hope you enjoy it!!! I just bought the print and digital! :)

Super fantastic!!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

well hello there, TLC! "Say yes to the cure" airs 10/4! :)

I had just returned home from my trip to see my family up north...when i realized the air date for Delese's story was coming up last nite!  I was able to catch a few still frames of the show both of her and of me working. <3  I love these little cameos.  I love being a part of things that are fun, have meaning and tell a story.  I'm excited to share just a few quick images with you!!! <3  These are just quick screen captures from the show! <3

You can see clips online at : Lori's Story + Delese on Say Yes to the Cure!

part of her story, from 2012

picking the dress on "Say yes to the Dress"

The vow renewal wedding day has come!  Therez me in the mirror :)

When Lori surprised was hard to not cry and laugh all at once!!!

She was still in shock, even when the veil and jewelry came out! :)

They are so in love....26 years later.

A section of the show during group pictures, they got me and my camera working.  Just a smidge!
I hope you can catch the re-run or the replay of the episode! It is quite inspiring to see both Lori's story and Delese's story.
Much Love!

Pink Light Images

Herez the cameos in SLOW-MO hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am very silly, i can't help it!