Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Historic Anderson Building | Pink Light Images | Wedding Photography

Here are some of the wonderful images that I captured at the wedding of Larissa & Erik!!! An amazing couple with great family and friends!   We all had a super super great time and GREAT desserts!!!!  :)  I hope you enjoy some of their day!!!!  #GETINSPIRED


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Monday, April 27, 2015

Top FIVE reasons why you should make time to attend a Creative Retreat!!!!!

We can all experience burnout and enter survival mode.  What takes us to the breaking point?  Where do we blur the lines of doing too little or doing too much?  How can we "rest" in all of our madness of daily life?  

A Creative Retreat is a time set aside for building up confidence, rest and peace in our lives!  It is a SECURED and sound time of imparting into each other as creatives and building up our energy level. 

Here are my top 5 reasons you should MAKE time to attend a Creative Retreat!

#1 – Finding hidden dreams:  When we are busy with life we forget to dream.  Maybe the dreams are so deeply buried that we think we don’t have anything else to pull out!  A retreat helps you focus into your dreams and dig them back out to shine!  Your dreams are unique only to you and only YOU can access them!  

#2 – Meeting fellow dreamers and creatives!:  There is nothing like making new and inspired friendships all over the world.  When we sit with each other and share our dreams you find connections with others you may never have had before!  Sometimes, in those relationships we find more of who we are and are inspired to help and encourage others!  
#3 – Quiet time :  There are a lot of artisans that think this is a foreign language.  With the household chores, family and businesses…we don’t know what “quiet time” really means.  A retreat gives you that opportunity to carve out time set aside for quiet and reflection.  One of the most powerful things that fills us up…is quiet time.  Don’t run from it, embrace it and you will find your heart singing and welcoming you into a deeper peace and rest than you have ever experienced!

#4 – Stretching your imagination!:  A creative retreat can introduce you to new techniques, new tools and innovative idea makers that bring you into a new level of understanding your craft and yourself.  Even doing the SIMPLEST tasks you can find inspiration and growth throughout!  Sometimes the BIGGEST idea is in the smallest tasks.
#5 – Restoring a sense of FUN:  We sometimes get so caught up in our personal rules, regulations and daily grind – we forget to have FUN.  A retreat can re-introduce that child-like wonder and adventure that we all crave but don’t allow ourselves to enjoy.  When was the last time you did something or went somewhere with just the point of making an adventure?  A creative retreat gives you that opportunity to create your OWN adventure as well as a group experience.  

 Ready to attend a retreat or workshop?  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Customized Artwork - Wedding clients!

I am so fortunate to meet many amazing people while capturing weddings.  Todd and Michelle were no exception!  They had a very unique wedding and also had a very unique art request!  They are both particular about what they like - and it was so great to actually get a chance to create for them and what they wanted.  I took several wedding images of rings, a flower and their chocolate heart candies to create this masterpiece for them!  

The final result was a stunning 60x40 canvas ready to hang on their wall.  

Attached is the image of my happy customer!

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me create for you!

Pink Light Images - Gallery Version

Pink Light Images - Creative Artwork Creation - Wedding Day