Thursday, May 22, 2014

New ART piece!!!!

I decided to make some time this evening for some art works that I've been needing to re-visit.  I try to live a life of balance and I have to sometimes remind myself..." Hey Jen, get back to your ART too!!!"  ....

So here I am tonite...revisiting my images from the Underwater class at After Dark Education Union Station 2014.  The lovely Brooke Shaden took us through simple tips and tricks she learned over time, trial and error.  When it was MY turn....I envisioned something "geometrical" with her hands....nothing too floaty and nothing too whimsy.  I had 2 opportunities to shoot...and I had to just be ok with playing around and directing those 2 images. :)

So, this was my "first" image....she took a breath...and went down with her hands positioned. 
I snapped a few images...the lighting was setup great (overhead sunlight through skylight)...and a black backdrop was already in the water.

As I stared at the art - I wanted to bring my style into this image...but giving her 4 hands instead of 2.  I just liked some of my "test" images with her reflection at chin level too.  So i had a few images to play with here. 

I also had made a trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden and snapped some textures and objects to maybe use in future.  Little did I of these snappy pictures would become her hat.  What do you think her hat is? :)

Enjoy this new piece. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CREATIVE RETREAT promo video - from the beginnings to the finishing point of your dreams!

I wanted to capture a visual of how I feel about the creative processes we go through.  Our biggest dreams start with the smallest tasks.

July 18-20th.  Only 7 slots open, 5 left.

Part of the backstory of this concept goes way back into childhood...when I used to draw and doodle....when I had a season of painting....a season of moving into photography...and other creative things I've witnessed in my short life time. :)

I used Carrie as my muse & model because as much as I've seen myself blossom...I've seen her blossom just as much.  Towards the end, those are part of her blossoming.  Writing and creative dance expression is something she has embraced.  My desires are to see YOU blossom into the creative being you are meant to be and LIVING the dreams/realities you are supposed to live. :)

Enjoy the video!
Please pass to a friend that NEEDS this....I love connecting !

All the best to you today,

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Creative Idea for your wedding - What to DO with your wedding dress "train".

I've captured quite a few weddings....and i'm THRILLED when things happen at each event that adds fun, laughter and additional stories to tell AFTER the event is over!!!!  AHHHAHAHA!!!! This is so great.

So, first of all - I have to say many thanks to Don & Ashley for bringing me out to capture their wedding! It was short, sweet, amazing and pretty warm outside. :)  It being "springing" into summer....we know how full suits and gowns can get stifling hot.  So THANK YOU for letting me capture you guys despite the heat!!!!

We had a lovely lovely time creating...and this wedding was pretty short with just a handful of events going on.  Once the night was towards the ending...people were starting to say goodbye...I happened upon one of the kiddos SITTING on the back of the bride's wedding dress.

This idea? turned into one of the BEST games i've ever seen!  Each kiddo wants a "ride" on the bride's train...and i could hear the chugga-chugga-chugga wooot wooot!  I was mesmerized how well this idea turned into a great time you don't normally see at a wedding!  Especially ON the wedding dress!!!!

So, without further delay....

I give you the WEDDING TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put them in order of how it all played out....started with one brilliant idea....that catapulted into the other two kiddos wanting to also ride the train. :)  The last 2 pictures i swear to you...she was dragging them and they were all holding onto each other to ride it all at once.  It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, and also...............we have a couple of great teaser images from our handfuls of moments at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens....<3

Much Love!

Congrats you two!!!!! EEEEEK!!!!!!
I will write more about this image later...this was one of the most challenging *dreams* I had to make happen....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding: The Antique Rose Emporium - full of love, laughter and LOTS of flowers.

I can't begin to GLEEEEEE about how much fun we had at Matt + Jessica's wedding!  They let me take them into an amazing field of yellow flowers...which were one of their wedding colors anyways....when you see Jessica - she is laughing for MOST of her pictures which only made ME giggle even more as her photographer.  I met these two through another wedding in the past you might have remembered.

Ian & Amanda.    (featured on Offbeat Bride and Unique Bride Magazine) 

I knew I just HAD to shoot their we made it all happen!  The glorious venue was setup just for perfect days like an overcast day with gorgeous blooms and some lucious greens.  We had threats of rain all day - but the rain did not come until that evening when the entire thing was almost over. YAY :)

I wanted to share more teasers from their day...and talk about how much I appreciated their time with me and our adventure!!!!

Location: Antique Rose Emporium

I wanted to highlight the awesome yellow flowers in some closeups for I made them almost sit right down in the field :) heheh!!! GORGEOUS turnout!!! So cute!!!!

I found this "tunnel" path as I was walking around the grounds.  I was inspired by the leading lines here as well as the greens and vines that tied right into their garden themes. 

I was giggling as I found myself asking..."what do we do in the middle of a field?"...we did portraits, we did dancing...and lots of laughter here.  Just a huge huge rolling field of yellow flowers.  And we didn't get kicked out! :) This was so fun!
Huge thanks to Ian & Amanda for introducing me to these two.  Huge thanks to everyone at the wedding for helping us with their smiles, dancing and poses for pictures for the bride & groom.  We had a blast and should you need us - please let us know!!! <3

The many snippets of the ceremony! Gorgeous day!
The various location requests from the couple!  We were all in love with the grounds!!!!

Good times, Good memories.


Pink Light Weddings

Pink Light Images: Wedding captures at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival! To the Lord and Lady!!! Huzzah!

We had a great time heading over to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival this year again to capture a wedding locally.  Lisa & James were super great to work with and had a love for EVERYTHING faces and moments!  Their trinkets and decor was adorable and believe it or not - the bride bought her "princess sleeves" the day of!   I couldn't believe how perfect they were and rounded out her look !!!!  I wanted to share some AMAZING teasers with you!!!!!  I can't wait to give them ALL their pictures! There were lots and lots of happy faces both in dress and not. :)  yay!!!

I really felt a golden glow when editing some of the pictures....and some of them I just left as is to capture how green everything had gotten this year at the faire. :)

Here are some of their details!!!!

The lovely trinkets & favors!!!
taking a walk through the misters!!!!
This dragon was on the
A few moments at the troll bridge, minus the troll :0
This was super hilarious!  Thanks to them for being so open to explore!!!
I am thankful to get to go out there and work every year! Thanks to all my supporters!  We love shooting the Renaissance Faire and creating fun images for each couple out there. :) Hire Pink Light Images for your 2015 wedding!  We would love to create for you!