Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The beautiful Boston wedding! Summertime happiness!

I have a few teasers I'll release today from the Boston Wedding!!! EEK!!!!
I've had so much fun re-living that weekend...from the rehearsal to the wedding day!  It was super fun to meet all kinds of new people...and then also see the coast of Maine as a side dessert! :) 

Enjoy some of the handfuls of teasers!!!!  She really embraced this unique vintage style and the groom wore this deep blue suit.  It was amazing!!!!

Location: Salvatore's - Lawrence MA

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finding yourself in all your creations.....

Today, I'm inspired to post a simplicity image that means a lot to me! As I was working here on the beach area of the Two Lights State Park - we both saw this "cavern" looking area and I asked her to crawl carefully over there and we moved through a few poses to see what would capture this story.

As we moved in and out of thoughts - I realized that where she was positioned the sunlight glow simply "peeked" onto her face and parts of her body. The surround cliff environment gave me that feeling of foundation - yet that "cave" gave me a feeling of a dark spot needing light.

How much more so is my heart...that I must illuminate the dark places and see how God can heal the hurts within me crying out for light. I took this image and I'm good with it. I love how the light is teasing us in the darkness. It consumes her with whatever part of her body hit the light. It is the ultimate forgiveness and moment where I realize - this is me.

I'm so thankful for where I have come from. I celebrate the freedoms of my heart and mind that I didn't have 15 years ago. I am greatful to the support of many others around me on that same journey. May you find your illumination in the darkness...and never give up!

Much Love to you
Jen with Pink Light Images

Pink Light Images
Model: Lee Babe
Two Lights State Park

Monday, July 20, 2015

What it feels like to fulfill a friends' dream?!!!???!!!!

Last week I was in Boston...and in doing so...I grabbed a seat at the Blue Man Group in the Charles Playhouse.  I was so excited cause I was sitting in an area that could potentially get me a spin art.  

2 years prior I was in Las Vegas getting the spin art for the grand-opening of the Monte Carlo.  2 years ago, I considered my collection complete.  

For my friend Joe, though, he had never gotten one.  They are hard to come by now!  You cannot purchase them anymore and you have to sit in the general area to be given one and make a true connection with the blue man. ;)  

I had a mission.  GET THE SPIN ART FOR JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, I'm here to tell you...after 2 years of waiting - Joe finally got his spin art delivered just in time for his late birthday celebration!  Congrats Joe!!!

Here are the images of me getting it at the theater!  
I met a blue man fan there also!!!! :) 

The spin art - has made it home to Joe!!!! YAY!!!!

Saying goodbye to a classmate : Uriah

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Uriah and his wife Jamie up in Arkansas...just before the 4th of July!  

Uriah had battled a brain tumor in the last year or so, but had gotten news there was a 2nd one manifesting.  I took it upon myself to not have a life regret and go see him quickly.  We had the BEST day walking around the city with them and to top it off - I saw another classmate that was his best friend during school.  It was like life fast-forwarded 20 years...and there we were. :) 

I'm greatful I got to have all day with them and ending it with fireworks.
I'm greatful to reconnect with Jamie.  
I'm thankful I could see him one last time, even though we thought he would stick around this summer.
I'm thankful I got to hear Jamie sing inside the church where they got married.
There is just so much awesome during that day.

If you think about it or read this - please send some love and prayers to Uriah's friends and family.

to you dear Uriah...we were voted most likely to succeed-  and we DID.
WE SUCCEEDED are missed already!

Thanks Uriah for being one of the few people I could keep in contact since we graduated in 1994!!!!
You are a huge success.
Thank you friend!

I have the Chicago wedding teasers!

Forgive me for being so late! But I had the MOST AMAZING time at the Vegan / Death Metal wedding in Chicago!  I've been so fortunate to meet amazing people  - people I click with and create with!  Enjoy a handful of teasers here!  I will release more in the next few weeks as I send off their images!!!!

Chicago Wedding Day
Pink Light Images - Wedding Photography
Destination Photographer
Creative Passionate Fun

This set is from their engagements!  In NARNIA!!!!!