Monday, January 27, 2014

heading to CREATIVE LIVE.

I took advantage of an opportunity to go to WARP SPEED with myself as an artist, biz owner and purposeful passion. :)  I'm going to creative live to be a student in Brooke Shaden's course...."Master your Craft".............she has UNDOUBTEDLY been a huge influence in how i've been able to dream bigger than ever before...and i mean EVER.  I have been able to bloom so much more with the introduction of new people into my life...and letting go of past fears and limitations.  IT is time to reach forward.

I'm pretty sure the concepts, thoughts, ideas, dreams, visions and details that come out of this experience will be mind-blowing.  That, and most likely i'll be on the camera at some point during the session.  We will see!  I can't wait to see Brooke do what she does best. :)  I will never never never forget this...and I aim to go higher than the sky. :)


You can watch LIVE for FREE.  And also pre-purchase the course :)

ALL CLASS TIMES are 11am-6pm CENTRAL time.   

Much Love to you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hello to the FREQUE!!!! - Pink Light Images makes cover of Freque Magazine.

I got the news a couple of days ago that one of my images was chosen for a cover! I cannot tell you how excited I was...and it was a "secret" goal to get on the cover.  There is just something about having an image that is a preview of things to come.

The moments were ticking by....that we were watching the FB page of Freque...and lo and behold....Rachel Frank has graced her lovely face (and teeth) on the cover.  I really had no idea what image they would have picked - I could not have guessed. LOL!!!

I would like to welcome 2014....with the COVER of FREQUE MAGAZINE.

Pink Light Images releases new conceptual pieces....
all year long :)  Looking forward to the WHOLE magazine...and our 6-picture spread! :)

Photography: Pink Light Images
Model/Designer: Rachel Frank, RFD by Rachel Frank
Hair: Jen Bruder
Location: Aloft Hotel, Green Bay WI
Team: Model Citizens - Jane Love & Erin Leigh Pribyl
Assisted by: Kristina Bartels-Smeester

Freque Magazine Cover, Volume 6 p.2 - Adelaide Australia - Pink Light Images

Here is the full spread released TODAY - 1/15/14 - Freque Magazine - Pink Light Images

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Couples Choice Award!!!!

AWWWWWW you guys we DID IT!!!!
We were able to recieve the couples choice awards on Wedding Wire!!!!

For 2014, we are now locked into this lovely award and our badge will be posted soon on our page!  SOOOOOO excited!!!!

Thanks for your support!

Weddings, Wedding VenuesPink Light Images (by Rarmai), Best Wedding Photographers in Dallas - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner

Friday, January 10, 2014

My 2013....."review" ????

I had sooooo many amazing things happen for Pink Light Images this past year.  It has only made me more thankful for being alive and creative for 2014.  What will we do next?  What will we learn next?  SO much fun to be had in this year!!!!  I always take it day by day....and walk through the inspiration with a full heart.  For January, I'm on a hiatus to get re-centered and re-focused on the dreams-goals-visions that I truly want to aspire for this year.

Maybe, you are wondering WHY wouldn't I do this over the holidays?  Well, because there is no down time! :)  If you are not shooting images, you are running around for family events.  As much fun as it all don't get quality time with yourself to ask, seek and KNOCK on the doors that are in front of you.  I've been dreaming big...and living big within.  It may not always show on the outward, but I can assure you my thinking and believing has increased HUGELY!  I am EXCITED to share what is to come with you all.

You are all helping me take dreams to realities...every moment we are connected.

Thank you!

Before I get to my next publishing....I wanted to share what I shared with Brooke Shaden on her
 "year in review".  

I was SO HAPPY to include my checkerboard image with the floating legs/tights.  It was something I had been dreaming about for a while. I love mixing "like" ideas and making something fun out of it.  The skirt was made of hands that I had fashioned from an idea from a display hand from the craft store.  Funny thing was - when I packed it from Green of the fingers snapped off!  I had to re-create the finger to make it a complete hand.  It was quite fun and funny.  The flooring took me back to ART CLASS where we did perspective drawing and learned how to make something look far off, like maybe u would walk to it.  :)  So, all in all - it was encapsulating the things I do love about art in general. :)  The memories of my drawing background and the future of my pop-art-like branding and work. <3

Here is the bigger version!

Thank you to EVERYONE that is helping to make my dreams happen.
I don't forget a single person who has ever helped me!!!!


Happy 2014.

Monday, January 6, 2014

WELCOME TO 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone following us around....we love love love that you found us through one way or another since we began this journey.  We at Pink Light Images KNOW for a fact about teamwork and team efforts!!!!  I have to thank alllll my friends and family over the past 6 years or more in helping me get this dream off of the ground.  I have to tell you....I'm still shocked at the dreams and ideas that keep coming to me!!! I can't wait to see what unfolds for 2014.  I am taking every step I need to take...and knocking on the doors I need to knock on. :)

I hope you all have a GREAT START to your 2014 and realize that you are very important, and so are your dreams.  You are the only YOU out there.


We have been listed on the 
best of WEDDINGS 2014 
on the Knot / Wedding Channel!!!!

You can check out our reviews 
and profiles online HERE.

Thank you SO SO SO much to all the wedding clients that reviewed our business online.  We so so so appreciate it!

Stay tuned for our spread in Freque Magazine - located in AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! Releases end of January!

Much Love