Monday, August 17, 2015

Creativity never stops!

So here recently I watch a model's page and she sells cool stuff.

I nabbed this AMAZING orange wig that I look forward to working with....

I decided to work with it today in between some typical housework stuff.  I've been going through a massive organization streak and getting rid of stuff.  The purchases I've made are things that inspire thinking...just GUT!!!!  I cannot wait to play with this.  I think I wish I could have long hair...but it is just too much to maintain... :) So i'm super super short...and play with wigs.

This could go so many ways...and I've been thinking about making a cosplay character inspired by this piece.  What do you think?  What characters have inspired you?  Did you create an outfit? Did you style makeup?  Let's talk!

Stay tuned later this week as I create some new things with new props I've never used.  I'm wanting to challenge myself on colors, smoky textures and new stories to tell.  I will aim to share with you soon about all this!  Thank you!

Love Jen

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