Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New conceptual work - using textures from our #deathofanoven

This last weekend we got our oooooold oven/stove/microwave replaced.  As we yanked it out and started tearing it down I noticed JUST how insanely dirty it was.  When the appliance is inside its comfy nook, you cannot see the GREASE DRIPS down the side!  I always knew - since we moved in there HAD to be grease somewhere there....because of our cabinets having some of it.

What i didn't know was just how fun these textures would be in my conceptual work!  
I took a variety of images to gather for future art....
the future...was TODAY!

Here is the back story.

As you can see - a vastly different age and color change here! :) 

I loved that old stove...I really did!  But we had pretty much used it til death.  

As we were dismantling the whole thing - the door was taken off...the microwave detached and all the pieces just lay in our driveway until moved to the front for pickup.  Here are some of the textures I grabbed!

It looks like a COMPLETE mess!!!!  I'm not sure who owned or rented the house before us - but there was soooo much grease. :)  We didn't even see how crazy it was in there until we moved it out! :) 

That all being said though, we really enjoyed this stove that was there in our home when we moved in.  We didn't even have to go buy one.  :)  It was a bonus being newly married and having one appliance already there.  

Here are two art pieces I made today using some of these textures!  
I look forward to creating more with you! 

What was YOUR last fun texture to work with?  Please share!


Pink Light Images

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