Monday, March 4, 2013

AWW! Thank you!

I really hope the lovely BRIDES and family & friends had fun at the Posh Show!!!!
I had a blast talking with folks and chatting up a bit about their special wedding day! :)

I hope to connect with quite a few of you really really soon!!!!

Please see my little tiny video blog about it....and a few pics....
I had just a few bag fell out of my car...and my biz cards flew out into the wind and concrete....I smacked my ankle on one of the carts moving my little chairs back & forth. LOL!!!  Then, my larger banner wouldn't open!  It is broken! I have no idea what happened!!!! :(  haha! I still had a blast and i felt super cute.  I wanted to be sure as many girls that stopped by knew they too, were beautiful!  I hope you all check your baggies....I left you a little note in there! <3 :)

Meanwhile...enjoy the pics and video!!!! <3 :)

My little booth....I brought out my fabulous yellow chairs! HAH!!!!
Freshly dolled up!

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