Thursday, March 21, 2013

Playtime! - a time of concepts and light.

I had an feeling to work tonite on some fun concepts. I knew i wanted to shoot on the black paper...and i wanted to go a little on the "dark" side.  As I was talking to Sami we had these moments of inspiration...that led us to talk about mini-blinds and the look of shadows.  I began to ask myself....what can i make to simulate MINI BLINDS? hahahahah.

I had a 16x20 piece of acrylic laying around...and realized that if i put painter's tape on there...i would probably simulate some stripes....and then use the video light to give me that "window light" look.  I was wishing i had a couple of barn doors to hone the light in...but it turned out really well after all.

Everyone once in a while, I just wanna work and conceive and do some fashion and concept things!
Mostly to push myself as well as keep using my studio things. :) <3

Here you go, ENJOY

A moment of dreaming....

Testing out objects and inspirations! AND SHADOWS!
I only added some color/contract - these shadows came out amazing!

Sami had some great vintage goodies to work with! :)
Another take on the shadow images.

Having fun with fans and hats.
The chainmail simulation for the sad future girl.

Enjoying the light.

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