Saturday, October 5, 2013

well hello there, TLC! "Say yes to the cure" airs 10/4! :)

I had just returned home from my trip to see my family up north...when i realized the air date for Delese's story was coming up last nite!  I was able to catch a few still frames of the show both of her and of me working. <3  I love these little cameos.  I love being a part of things that are fun, have meaning and tell a story.  I'm excited to share just a few quick images with you!!! <3  These are just quick screen captures from the show! <3

You can see clips online at : Lori's Story + Delese on Say Yes to the Cure!

part of her story, from 2012

picking the dress on "Say yes to the Dress"

The vow renewal wedding day has come!  Therez me in the mirror :)

When Lori surprised was hard to not cry and laugh all at once!!!

She was still in shock, even when the veil and jewelry came out! :)

They are so in love....26 years later.

A section of the show during group pictures, they got me and my camera working.  Just a smidge!
I hope you can catch the re-run or the replay of the episode! It is quite inspiring to see both Lori's story and Delese's story.
Much Love!

Pink Light Images

Herez the cameos in SLOW-MO hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am very silly, i can't help it! 

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