Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dream USA Destination - CONTEST!

I am scheming something interesting for 2015.  What is YOUR favorite USA destination - and WHY?

Contest winner willlll get a nice surprise.  TEE HEE.

RULES:  for 2015 giveaway

-somewhere you have never been but want to visit
-must happen on a short weekend trip (sorry this time, no Hawaii) 
-USA residents only (this time) 
-what SIGHT would you see - specifically? 

1 comment:

  1. Ever since watching the movie The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill I have always wanted to visit San Francisco and live on a boat in the harbor while visiting. The trolley system and hilly landscape colliding with the ocean seems like a dream to me. The Castro district also has so much history to my (gay) community it would be neat to explore there too! San Francisco and even more so I have never laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean. To know that China and Japan are just on the other side!