Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some pictures from Comic Con - Fan days!

So all the hard work was put into action!!!!
The work i put into the Destiny costume was finally realized and I loved it.  I loved that some people knew EXACTLY what i was...and were marveled at the mirrored mask.  Me too, after all...itz super neato! 

The only difference was..I realized no one could see my eyes, my face or my smile...so I was freaking a lot of people out.  It was awesome. :)  Some of the time I would just walk around with the helmet on my hand...and other times on my head. :)  I had a great time and looking forward to ADDING to the costume for may!!!!!!

Here are some pics.
All design and inpspiration:  Pink Light Images
Inspired by: Destiny - Guardian of the Light!

Destiny Video Game.....Apotheosis Veil inspiration!!!! :)
I can't wait to add to this in May!!! It is going to rock!!!!

Have a super week everyone!

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