Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's catch up shall we?

I do have a lot of things to share and write about....but I will get to Promoting Passion another time.  ...I do have much to share on that topic as well as some images I enjoyed making.

Today's blog....

Will the mountains speak just as much as the ocean? 

I find complete peace in the sounds of the ocean.  I cannot explain it...I just know it.  Every chance I get to STARE into the ocean...I will do it.  My last stare-session was in Maine this summer....with at least several different types of beaches I got to visit.  It was a huge personal accomplishment for me as my adventure is to always go see a few new places and maybe meet some new people.  Well, I did it!   Enjoyed many version of the waters.

Enter the MOUNTAIN of the Promoting Passion Convention....

When I was at the Promoting Passion convention we were completely covered in fog/rain for 4 solid days with the 5th day being an open sky with clouds moving fast out of our way.  It is called "Heavenly Mountain".  Now I felt a different connection there.  After being shielded from view for days...I was able to stare out and see just why they called them "blue ridge".  Just amazing really.

 Here is a time lapse I did of our stay key points of our viewpoints on the sunniest day of the trip.  I stayed a whole extra day to enjoy the area....and boy.... did I!

I hope to report back these next 2 weeks about the mountains I'll be experiencing and the ART we will make from them.  I still remember the first time I flew to Seattle and sound the GRAND mountain staring back at me.  I said hello.  It smiled back.

Mountains? See you soon!

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