Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"The Dust Maiden"

I revisited a folder from 11/11 - when I visited my friend Dale and worked with Jane Love again.  That experience was so unique and fast.  I was able to see things I hadn't seen before and create some images that really gave me a great memory to come home with.  I'm the kind of person who plans very little (but has ideas)...and I love shooting in locations/outfits for HOURS.  I sometimes have to STOP myself from the free-flow of creativity....

I felt this image here felt a little like a dust storm.  My life right now is a semi-strong dust storm...where I can't see much in front of me but I'm still moving and standing on the rock which is a solid foundation.  In these moments - I have much to be thankful for and MEMORIES that can NEVER be taken away. 

"The Dust Maiden"
Model: Jane Love
Designer: RFD by Rachel Frank
MUA/Hair: Jane Love
Assisted by Dale Ralph
Denver CO

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