Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The "fair maiden" dress... What is your favorite prop?

 I'm sure there a few photographers and artists that can relate to using props in their images.  We can enhance our art and story by using them!  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't...

Today's prop: 
The "Fair Maiden" dress....

I came upon this dress somewhere in New Hampshire in 2014 I believe...one of my long long drives from Boston up to the coast of Maine.  I thought it was super home-made looking and a little dated.  However I've found over this last year or more that I've really had a lot of fun making photography with it.  

Why do I call it the "Fair Maiden" dress? 

Several reasons:
#1-it's white and shiny - everything that "fair" could mean.  Bright...takes light really well and REFLECTS light really well.

#2-my first name "Jennifer" means white wave, fair lady, fair enchantress, fair

#3- any time i use this dress now I have a common theme in which the person wearing truly takes this ugly white dress and gives it life...it has a liquid flow to it unlike ANY other dress i've ever owned.   

This image below was created around Cannon Beach, OR.  By the time this dress gets wet the flow no longer is apparent, but it still gives great shapes & inspiration.  I think the reflection is just amazing and gives me a sense of a mirror. 

This image was created at Haystack Rock.  A very dreamy place full of mystery and things that you can see at low tide...but i was there at HIGH tide. :(   The wind most often takes this dress and makes it look interesting and also is a great separator to dark backgrounds in any light scenario.  When its in full sun, it GLOWS!  
This image was created AFTER all the amazing 2 days of shooting with Jasmine.  I had wondered what it would look like on the ground or floating in the water.  I found however, that the waves would literally bunch it up and carry it out to sea....I almost let it go a little too long!  This dress has been good to me... I have put if through a lot so far.  I can tell you this much - it loves the beach... just as much as I do. :)  
 What props inspire you?  What props do you find yourself using over and over?  

Show me some images and tell me about your prop!!!!

Love Jen

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