Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Montages from London.....an opportunity i did NOT let pass me by.....

I had an amazing opportunity to JUMP into a plane and fly off to London.  For more reasons that one I was super happy to experience a new city....and a new culture of people surrounding me.  I was pleasantly pleased really with the mish-mash of people I saw....and met a few....I was also swimming in a sea of tourists all over giving me that feeling all over again of my trip to New York City.  Driving on the left side of the road was beyond interesting...dare i say....it was fun to experience...both in a car and in a bus!!!!

I was smitten by the TUBE and all it has to offer...and to realize only later that it is spread out...but doesn't go everywhere.  There are a lot more bus stops to get you around too!  I never did get to see the night life because I was unsure of how to get back to Greenwich at the late hours (w/o a taxi) hehehe.  I had barely 2 days to see London with ONE of those days being a day trip to Paris.  I'm beyond greatful for the friends and supporters that believe in me and what I'm doing here on this earth.  I learned so much about myself...I learned that we are so much more alike than we give credit for.  We all want to be loved...and we all get up everyday to make something work to survive.  Some, just surviving - some truly doing what they love and having to get up and persevere.

I was BLOWN AWAY at the size of the cities....and more by the GINORMOUS museums and vast array of museums they have.  I found myself in some of the busy parts....and exploring some things my friends told me i should see. :)  I was happy to squeeze in as much as I could...and every day, my heart and feet came home happy and tired.  Again, thank you for believing in me.  I'm so thankful for these opportunities.  I'm so glad I reached out and took it.

For firsties, here are some glimpses into London....in some cases - I didn't take pictures....but I feel I brought home some fun stuff just for me. <3

and here is a little video montage as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  nothing too crazee, just some fun images....randomness....and things and stuff.

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