Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NEW YORK CITY montage images.....Thanks for all the support!

I just got back yesterday from the NYDC mission trip.  It is a fun outreach center with the SIMPLEST tagline.... 
"Find a need an fill it, Find a hurt and heal it".
At a lot of times in our lives we simply have NEEDS.  We will never stop having needs...we weren't meant to have it all together and perfect.  I think that is the beauty of being here!  We all have the ability to interact and help each other.  If only, just to give some encouragment too.  Remember that the next time you get a little frazzled about life....go help someone out....get out of your own world and step into another world to see your perspective change. :)

Here are the highlights.
the gorgeous view....of the plane ride in....snipped of 9/11 memorial and the staten island ferry.  Bunk Beds and Dream center stairs.

One of our big outreach days - adopt a block!

finishing the day with a walk around union square...and beginning the next tasks at Covenant House sorting clothes!

I was done early, so i stopped at my art show that is running til september...then onto the next day, dream center prep for the Harlem Homeless outreach. :)

quick break in central park for lunch...before heading back to Harlem to finish....

spent this evening with Just and walked around the west village and pier 45.  Ended up union square subway station listening to dance/dubstep.

Final day at the center...plus blue man nites and blue man friends.

Quick captures of the city and times square - also stopped at Hotel Edison, the first hotel i ever stayed in 1996 my first trip to the city ever.

Sights on the way to jersey to see family....blessed to know many wonderful people.  Ended my weekend at Lulu's.

Thank you AGAIN to everyone that supported me...the work we did was really fun...and I have some ideas about going up again soon to do some behind the scenes work w/ the center and help them do some daily tasks as needed.  I'll be cooking that up soon.  We'll see how this all goes!!! Meanwhile...please enjoy the small snippet pictures!!! It is QUITE a city!!!!

Much love to all my new yorkers.

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