Monday, June 9, 2014

MEMORIAL for Brian Alguire - Deep Ellum TX

Dear Brian, I hope you looked down and saw all the people that loved you yesterday. We were all touched in the heart by you and who you were. I personally barely knew you - but I knew the connection and I always looked forward to the smiles and hugs that I got from our "hair" encounters. I won't ever forget that. I got to know you a little better after seeing/hearing all the friends/family speak about you. I really like what Breonny said about a space in her heart just for you - and I think we can all agree - some part of our heart was touched by you and has a snippet just for you. I hope in years to come - we can fondly look at all the images of you and re-live the memories we all made with you both small and large. Never regret the time we have......and thankful to have met you.

Memorial: Deep Ellum, June 8th 2014 - on Main Street.

Below are the session images I did in Deep Ellum, December 2009. When his mohawk was still quite small.  Towards the more recent year, it turned to epic heights of which I only got to see in pictures.  I loved watching him volunteer and create at Art Love Magic and I loved seeing the relationship between him and Breonny.  He took a piece of our hearts and we loved him back. <3  

photo by Pink Light Images
Photo by Pink Light Images
Photo by Pink Light Images
Photo by Pink Light Images
Photo by Pink Light Images
Thank you to the WHOLE community for responding to the call for a huge slideshow of images.  If you want to see/scroll the images to help heal - please follow this link:

I'm thankful I got to meet him.

Remember, you are not alone!

Love Jen

I entered one of his images into the [F]ramed Network's weekly favorite blog.  He got into the top 10 images.  I can't think of anything more fitting - than remembering that PHOTOGRAPHY keeps memories going even when people leave us. 

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