Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blue Man Boston *drum art* :)

So! as you may or may not have seen or known....I went to Boston this past weekend and a part of my journey included a trip over to the Charles Playhouse to see Blue Man Group.  I had seen most of the venues (w/ the exception of international) but never had seen or been to Boston.

As part of my job fee my clients included a ticket to see the show and I was happy to oblige when they set me up for the poncho seats! :)  I was overly-joyed also knowing that a Blue Man whom i've known and seen perform for MANY years was going to be there as well!  I had been joking that I really didn't know a single soul in Boston! :)  You can see some of my pre-show pictures here....

BUT FIRST - you can also hear part of my story on the VIDEO!!!!

I really enjoy the fun and colorful installations they have going yet also giving us that "vintage" blue man vibe w/ the tubes and other hynotic lobby music.  I REALLY wanted that lobby music!!! It was so peaceful and tranquil.  Most things in the show went just per usual!  The drum art they made was super super fun and of course splashed with great awesomeness and passion!  As they went into the next skit to make the spin art and marshmallow art - I had forgotten they gave away the DRUM ART!  So on the left you have someone getting the the middle someone gets the drum art...and on the right OF COURSE someone gets to take home the marshmallow sculpture in their purse! hah!!!

I had already eyeballed the blueman pre-giveaway and was overjoyed when he gave it to me. I'm not going to say no...nor am i shy about asking! HAHAHAAHAHA

As I got the art, i realized it was SOPPING WET!!!! Over the next hour, it would seep and sop all over me and my fellow watchers...and i giggled a lot!!!  I double wrapped it in 2 ponchos as I left so that it would drip inside and not get on me as much. :)  I didn't get it signed because it was sooooo wet and I didn't feel like unwrapping it. WOOPS!

I had SUCH and amazing time...and so THANKFUL for this opportunity! I truly believe I have some of the best clients in the world!!!  So thank you to my Boston clients, their friends and whomever else I met while up there.  It was such a great time.  Thanks for welcoming me in!!!!

Here is me trying to "dry it out" and pack it.  Yea. TOO BIG!
And here is my video of the Boston Lobby trinkets...LOTS of fun things!!!!!!!

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