Thursday, June 19, 2014

Starting BOSTON off with a buh-BANG! :)

So as you may be knowing by now...these couple of weeks are dedicated to work, art, more work and more art! :)  I arrived in Boston and immediately was enjoying the scenery.  Getting used to the look and flow.  Having great conversation and ice cream with my clients.  ANTICIPATING the fun I was about to have with their dear friends, and TWINS. 

We met at a local shop that sells used/vintage radiators. 

I had been told about this from a local saying she thought it was "radiator heaven".  INDEED!

I asked the twins to meet me there with clothing, hair clips and whatever shoes/makeup they had available.  It was super fun to style them up a some clothing creativity and hair. :)  All this in the local DUNKIN DONUTS.  :) 

We created throughout the yard and met the owner.  He was actually THRILLED we were shooting, but just thought "well, u could have asked!" :)  So...we graciously thanked him...and went on to take pictures of him with the models!  I can't wait to share everything...but for now?


There were also vintage bathtubs.  I really liked where we were going for the mystery and the texture and the darkness.  I hope you enjoy the beginning of a great series!!! <3 

I give you Lilly & Rivka - twins, first time to model or do a photo shoot.
and i think they did great!!!!

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