Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tsk Task Tisky! - Things to say when you don't know what to say!

Super thankful - I really DO have a lot to say and share.

Over 10 years ago I met a man.  We talked all nite.  We married.  9.5 years later I feel like we are seeing things manifest that we have dreamed for that time.  Who knows, maybe longer?  

I'm greatful to GIVE BIGGER this year.  Like HUGEEEEE!  

I'm already on the path for my personal goals, but my hubby and I - we too, had a goal.  
Help others.
We don't broadcast on all of social you may never see it or hear about it...but we know it happened.  We did our happy dance and that person smiled soooo huge!

Today was one of those days where we could partake in a DREAM LIFTOFF.  I'm so excited for this person that gets to take one of their dreams HEAVY on their hearts...and do the happy dance out to their job site knowing they have the foothold they needed to jump head first into an amazing ocean of opportunity.  

You see, living a dream isn't about you.  It never was.

It is about others.

So, dear 2015?  

Time to get going!!!!!

Let's do dreams people!  and do them, WE SHALL!

Much Love

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