Thursday, January 22, 2015

"take it moment by moment"

When creating artistic images....I like having a huge mix of crazee fantasy with weird things...but I also love the simplicity of trying to create a story of a model, a setting and a feeling.  Monochromatic images simply take you to another place.  Where everything is a shade of white, black or grey.  

The following image really spoke to me today.
She is almost floating on the sidewalk a bit.
She has a creepy dark feeling but oddly I like her.
It was raining at the time of this shoot - so I cant tell if that is hair or a rain splatter in the motion of the image.  lol 

I hope you enjoy...what story do you get out of it? 

Model: Callijah Chadwick (MUA) - Pink Light Images - St Louis MO

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