Friday, January 9, 2015

Embracing new ideas!

I have set myself on a journey to self-discovery and ideas when I have moments to music!  Well, let me be more specific....moments to SOUNDS. 

Some create to music - I get that!  I do that sometimes too!
But to have a specific SOUND that you focus on I've noticed that your mind can paint some unique and specific ideas that take you to many new places. 

I find myself encouraging with new words.

I find myself drawing things I wouldn't normally draw. 

I'm starting to really enjoy this new habit I'm forming!!!! For 21 days straight, I am listening to a sound and then doing a free flow during and after til I feel the page is full.  Because I kinda sorta skipped yesterday - I did TWO today. Both very different sounds and very different ideas.  I split them between morning and evening. 

I can't wait to share what happens next with this.  I would like to make the photographic images next and work through those as art pieces.  I've had a deep thoughtful goal of doing a cohesive gallery show.  My only hurdle has been...I AM VERY SCATTERED and not focused. 

And now...I feel this focus could turn into a 21 piece exhibition :) 

Herez to 2015!  Let's do this!

Love Jen

P.S. I think I've decided to wear this amazing hair piece from Becca Jett to the bridal show. :):):):)
It is SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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