Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The sparkles in the water.................

In 2014 I was able to see a lot of my true heart-dreams come true.  I worked hard every day to keep focused on those particular dreams so they wouldn't die!  In September I had the pleasure of visiting Cape Cod and on that trip I took a detour through Rhode Island and Connecticut.  We don't often talk about those states down here in Texas unless you are from there.  For me, I immediately thought of the movie 'Mystic Pizza' and decided that was a dream to fulfill.  As silly and as nerdy as it sounded - I wanted to experience that. So this adventure through Rhode Island was on the way to Mystic, CT.  (yes the pizza place is real!)

My assistant and I stopped along the waters of Rhode Island on the way to the train station in Providence and these were the moments I was able to capture while standing on the dock.  At first I was completely in shock!  The bright stars DANCED on the top of the water and didn't stop moving one bit.  They were blinding!  I pulled out my camera and HOPED that I could capture even a fragment of what it looked like!  I had never seen anything like that in all my adventures with the water and sunlight.  The video footage tells a better story HERE.

The sparkles in the water were a wonderful reminder to stop and be thankful for creativity and how all things work together for a grander purpose. We have dreams that we write down...and dreams that we live without even thinking about it.  The biggest challenge you can give yourself is daring to look INSIDE yourself and dream the impossible dream and then LIVE the impossible dream!  

Today's Questions:
-Have you fulfilled a life-long dream yet?  Why or why not?
-Is fear stopping you from making a leap?
-What is ONE particular dream that you think about all the time?  Why have you not done it?

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Below are some of the photography stills from the moments on the dock!  I will never forget this small memento of a time in my life where I was living a dream.

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