Monday, July 20, 2015

Saying goodbye to a classmate : Uriah

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Uriah and his wife Jamie up in Arkansas...just before the 4th of July!  

Uriah had battled a brain tumor in the last year or so, but had gotten news there was a 2nd one manifesting.  I took it upon myself to not have a life regret and go see him quickly.  We had the BEST day walking around the city with them and to top it off - I saw another classmate that was his best friend during school.  It was like life fast-forwarded 20 years...and there we were. :) 

I'm greatful I got to have all day with them and ending it with fireworks.
I'm greatful to reconnect with Jamie.  
I'm thankful I could see him one last time, even though we thought he would stick around this summer.
I'm thankful I got to hear Jamie sing inside the church where they got married.
There is just so much awesome during that day.

If you think about it or read this - please send some love and prayers to Uriah's friends and family.

to you dear Uriah...we were voted most likely to succeed-  and we DID.
WE SUCCEEDED are missed already!

Thanks Uriah for being one of the few people I could keep in contact since we graduated in 1994!!!!
You are a huge success.
Thank you friend!

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