Monday, July 20, 2015

What it feels like to fulfill a friends' dream?!!!???!!!!

Last week I was in Boston...and in doing so...I grabbed a seat at the Blue Man Group in the Charles Playhouse.  I was so excited cause I was sitting in an area that could potentially get me a spin art.  

2 years prior I was in Las Vegas getting the spin art for the grand-opening of the Monte Carlo.  2 years ago, I considered my collection complete.  

For my friend Joe, though, he had never gotten one.  They are hard to come by now!  You cannot purchase them anymore and you have to sit in the general area to be given one and make a true connection with the blue man. ;)  

I had a mission.  GET THE SPIN ART FOR JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, I'm here to tell you...after 2 years of waiting - Joe finally got his spin art delivered just in time for his late birthday celebration!  Congrats Joe!!!

Here are the images of me getting it at the theater!  
I met a blue man fan there also!!!! :) 

The spin art - has made it home to Joe!!!! YAY!!!!

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