Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finding yourself in all your creations.....

Today, I'm inspired to post a simplicity image that means a lot to me! As I was working here on the beach area of the Two Lights State Park - we both saw this "cavern" looking area and I asked her to crawl carefully over there and we moved through a few poses to see what would capture this story.

As we moved in and out of thoughts - I realized that where she was positioned the sunlight glow simply "peeked" onto her face and parts of her body. The surround cliff environment gave me that feeling of foundation - yet that "cave" gave me a feeling of a dark spot needing light.

How much more so is my heart...that I must illuminate the dark places and see how God can heal the hurts within me crying out for light. I took this image and I'm good with it. I love how the light is teasing us in the darkness. It consumes her with whatever part of her body hit the light. It is the ultimate forgiveness and moment where I realize - this is me.

I'm so thankful for where I have come from. I celebrate the freedoms of my heart and mind that I didn't have 15 years ago. I am greatful to the support of many others around me on that same journey. May you find your illumination in the darkness...and never give up!

Much Love to you
Jen with Pink Light Images

Pink Light Images
Model: Lee Babe
Two Lights State Park

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