Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Have you tried something new?

(LtoR:  Jane Love, Me, Chelsea Goers, Mary Poll and Dale Ralph)


 When was the last time you tried something new?

In life I've found most comparisons we hear on podcasts, teachings, preaching, video blogs, live feeds and more....we hear life is like a mountain range.  We have peaks and valleys.  Have you ever considered that in between those two points and ON those two points you may have to try something new?

There are a lot of emotions and challenges that come with pursuing our passions.  In that time of trying, questioning, doing and doubting we may find simply that we need to TRY something new.  The word try to me doesn't say "succeed or fail", it simply says TRY.  The action word.

In this behind-the-scenes main image (above)  I was starting to have a miscarriage.  I didn't let it stop my creativity while I was in the moment with my awesome creative cohorts.  I tried something very bizarre and new in the space and time I had been given as a photographer with a model.  I took the time to TRY something that seemed like it would lead to nowhere.  In the end, it led to LAUGHTER and many new weird ideas forming.
You can tell we are ALL engaged in the moment and trying to figure it all out together.

What is a new thing for you?

Is it a new class to learn something?  A new area around your city to explore?  A new recipe to cook?  Maybe a new fitness style class?

I find myself burned out as a photographer only when it comes to education in my industry.  I value the instructors and their time and talent, but I get so burned out easily when it is something that doesn't inspire me to grow or be challenged.  I step away and find something ELSE creative to learn that enchances my OVERALL skill-set and I find a happy place.  That happy place my friends is trying something new. 

Recently I just completed one of my favorite "Punches of Pink" episode 15.  It has one of my favorite people on the planet in it.  Because of her, I've learned more about storytelling than photography.  There is just something about passions at the core and what we try to communicate as artists.  I tried something new taking her courses on just that.

In that token as well, starting the new webseries "Punches of Pink" has been the most enlightening and rewarding experiences of my life.  Mostly because its not all about ME.  I like bringing in the community of people I'm surrounded by to hear and share their stories of inspiration or encouragement.  This is something I jumped out and TRIED this year, 2016.

Have you tried something new that has NOTHING to do with yourself? 
What strengths do you possess that you have not ACCESSED because you haven't tried something new?

I found a new avenue of creativity and community when I stopped thinking of only myself and what I know.  We should ALL be sharing things we know with each other!  We can all be celebrated in this moment that our life story should be shared with each other.  Our hurts, our deepest desires, fears, joys, strengths and weaknesses.  The moment we start to worship someone that seems so perfect and has their life together - is the moment we forget we have our own life to live and make GREAT. :)

Today, get out there and try something NEW.
It can be anything that has been hounding your heart/mind...
I'm betting you know exactly what it is!

Get out there, and find your greatness!

Love Jen

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