Monday, June 24, 2013

A great day to art-ify things!

so i'm prepping myself for a unique challenge....................

TEACHING and SHOOTING a workshop!!!!!!!!!!!

You could say really i'm partnered up with some amazing people: models, stylists, MUAs....we are about to have some crazee fun in Green Bay.

In prep for my time there....(of which i want NO wasted time!)....I started thinking of things and ideas i could work into our time together with modeling and art and props.

So in prep for my journey, I grabbed some goggles and will also have one more tidbit on the way in for my shoot this weekend.  I hardly feel ready, but i know that the magic happens when we also fly by the seat of our pants.  In other words, it is nice to have ideas...but just sit back and let it alllll unfold!!!! :)

If all goes well, (and we know it will) some of these will be published in select magazines for related topics and themes.  We have a *mini plan* in place...and CAPTURE IT!!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy these silly images of me prepping for the shoot this coming weekend....

can you believe it is almost 4th of July?

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