Friday, June 7, 2013

Creating for OTHERS and Creating for myself.

I have a huge desire to co-create with my clients....ahhhhhhh the fun of taking some fun moments and making some unique out of their environment.  I gravitate towards a lot of shapes, lights and weird forms.  I have to say that this piece is definitely topping one of my FAVORITES so far this far as a wedding pieces goes.  I barely had to do anything but bring to a reality what i had in my mind.  Things don't always come so fast, so i was pleased to see how colorful and crisp this came out!  All from a blend of their environment at the venue Buffalo Valley Event Center.

"Creating for them"....

Because I tend to have a LOT of emotions going already when I'm working..I decided to re-visit a piece I was working on for an art contest...and in doing so...i discovered the blend of past and present made a cool match.  I'm like totally diggin what I've done here with carrie.  Originally this was a form for a flashlight and my drapes.  Now, it has morphed into something I can only call the "opposite" of what I have felt in the past.  Where everything "seemed" so clear...but there were a gazillion things flying around...and a gazillion things ON me making life a little harder to comprehend with so little sight.  I find the beauty in this seeming chaos, but I know it is a place I don't want to live.  I like seeing more CLEARLY, now more than ever.

Both of these pieces have things in common....LIGHT - both factors are clearly stated in the various rays of light in the sun, the light sources, the shapes and textures.  I hope you enjoy them both!

"Creating for Myself"

Go out, enjoy today....and CREATE something unique that expresses your dual feelings!

Love Jen

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